UCMAS trains children through mental arithmetic system program

UCMAS trains children through mental arithmetic system program
UCMAS trains children through mental arithmetic system program

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS) has awarded certificates of completion of the mental arithmetic programme to 144 children. UCMAS

offers mental development training for children aged 4 to 13 years and also accommodates children aged 13-14 years depending on the interest. UCMAS’ mandate

is to extensively educate Basotho children with Abacus Mental Arithmetic program. In an exclusive interview with Informative Newspaper, UCMAS Program Director Jancy Doss said the program helps the children to improve their

concentration and mental endurance, enhance memory and creativity, improve their problem solving capabilities, boosts confidence and self-esteem, and strengthen mental calculations as well as to have a focused listening skill.

“We are training these kids to imagine the tool to do the calculations in their

brain by themselves and after some time we remove the tool then they do the calculations by themselves and they actually turn out to do them faster than

the calculator,” she noted. She further mentioned that many children need this training for general growth. She said out of 250 students, 144 have completed their learning and received their

certificates. Doss mentioned that the teachers have received a great response from the parents regarding the efforts and implementations that they have shown

during the academic year. “However, we encountered some challenges during the learning period, especially during the lockdowns when we tried conducting classes online.

There was lack of facilities in Lesotho, network devices and access to mobile phones and laptops was a huge challenge for children. Now our aim is to focus on physical classes,”

she said. UCMAS admits all children and sets no specific conditions. These include children with autism, slow learners and hyperactive children. The Abacus program is designed to develop the integrated thinking and motoring

functions from both the left hemisphere (logical side) and the right hemisphere (abstract side) of the brain. The UCMAS program harnesses the recalling power and speed of the right brain which is faster than the more logic-based left brain. UCMAS franchises are set up worldwide.

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