“We are turning a new page” – Majoro

“We are turning a new page” – Majoro
“We are turning a new page” – Majoro

Africa-PressLesotho. The Prime Minister (PM) Dr. Moeketsi Majoro said the country has started the journey towards peace and reconciliation. This he said yesterday while giving a keynote address at the three days National Stakeholders

Consultations Forum at ‘Manthabiseng Convention Centre under the auspices of the National Reforms Authority (NRA) titled “Towards Securing Sustainable Peace, Political Stability, National

Unity, Reconciliation and Social Justice in Lesotho”. The NRA Act charges the authority to promote long term national stability and unity as well as recommending the avenues for peace and reconciliation for the “Lesotho we

want”. Dr. Majoro indicated that the reforms belongs to the nation, adding that they require a shared commitment from everyone for them to see the light of the day.

Drawing from King Moshoeshoe I’s wisdom and love for peace, he said the “reign of hatred” has produced hostile environment to peace in the country. “Where did it all go

wrong?” he asked. “We are turning a new page. Mapping a way leading us to unity and reconciliation. ” The Premier further warned that NRA is not a “stage for settling scores” but an opportunity given

by God for us to introspect and build a country which will be enjoyed by all Basotho”. He said reforms should start in “our hearts as individuals”. Dr.

Majoro said Lesotho’s reputation has been compromised internationally owing to atrocities which prompted the international community’s intervention in the country.

Many economic opportunities were lost due to lack of stability, the PM highlighted. Also speaking at the same occasion, the NRA Chairperson Chief Pelele Letsoela said reforms are an

ongoing journey which requires collective efforts. He mentioned that the victims of human rights violations will have their say to assist in shaping up

the peace model the country is to adopt. Chief Letsoela further stated that the NRA is challenging Basotho to own their aspirations for the implementation of sustainable peace, highlighting that the decisions which will

be borne from the anticipated deliberations will assist the authority and mount the people-focused peace architecture. The authority had said the forum is expected to “engender consensus among Basotho on National

Reconciliation, and afford victims a platform for engagement with a view to promoting healing and reconciliation. ” Through this forum, the authority is acting on the decisions contained in the Multi-stakeholder

National Dialogue Plenary II Report envisions of the implementation of “an all-encompassing Transitional Justice Commission (TJC)” which is believed to be

“suitable to Lesotho’s context to address incidents of human rights violations

and injustices, with a focus on reconciliation, peacebuilding, reparation, compensation without compromising justice and impunity, to address all things

that have turned Basotho nation against each other”. Established through the NRA Act No. 4, 2019, NRA is a statutory body which is charged with the mandate to “manage, coordinate and lead” reforms process on the nations

ambitions as contained in the Plenary II document. It implements the reforms in seven thematic areas which are: Judiciary, Constitution, Public Service, Economy, Media, Parliament and Security Sector. NRA reports to both lower and upper house of the parliament.


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