42 lawmakers back Koffa’s bid

42 lawmakers back Koffa’s bid
42 lawmakers back Koffa’s bid

Africa-Press – Liberia. A resolution containing the names of incoming members of the House of Representatives has shown that 42 representatives-elect have committed through their signatures to support Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa’s bid as Speaker of the House.

The incumbent Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives is part of the 42 incoming lawmakers who signed the resolution for his speakership bid.

Koffa was among some lawmakers who were re-elected during the 10 October 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

The incoming lawmakers backing Koffa’s speakership bid are James M. Kolleh, (PUP); Josiah Melvin Cole, (CDC); Euguene J.M. Kollie, (CDC); Foday E. Fahnbulleh, (Independent); Zinnah A. Norman, (CDC); Luther S. Collins, (Independent); Isaac G. Bannie, (MPC); Matthew Joe, (CDC); Thomas A. Goshua, (CPP); and Bintu Massalley, (CDC).

Others are Marie Johnson, (LRP); J. Fonati Koffa, (CDC); Thomas P. Fallah, (CDC); Fortorma Julie Wiah, (CDC); Siafa Momo Kpoto, (CDC); Gizzie K. Kollince, (UP); P. Mike Jurry, (CDC); Austine Blidi Taylor, (Independent); and Opee Roland Cooper, (Independent).

The list also includes Ivar K. Jones, (CDC); Ellen A. Attoh Wreh, (Independent); Emmanuel Yarh, (CDC); Clarence G. Garh, (CDC); Sumo K. Mulbah, (ALP); Michael M. Thomas, (Independent); Samuel R. Enders, (Independent); Emmanuel Dahn, (Independent); Frank Saah Foko, (CDC); Jerry K. Yougboh, (Independent); and Edward P. Flomo, (CDC).

The others are Abu Bana Kamara, (CDC); Dixon W. Seboe, (CDC); Bernard Blue Benson, (CDC); Twain D. Gleekia, (MDR); Taa Z. Wongbe, (Independent); Alex J. Grant, (Independent); Steve Tequah, (Independent); Alexander Poure, (CDC); Isaac B. Choloplay Wuo, (CDC); Johnson S.N. Williams, (CDC); Romeo Thomas Quioh, (NDC); Samson Q. Wiah, (CDC); and Alex S. Noah, (CDC).

Through the resolution, the incoming lawmakers declared their support for Cllr. Koffa’s bid as Speaker of the 55th House of Representatives by signing the document.

In their resolution, they recalled the democratic principles upon which the House of Representatives was founded and the need for experienced leadership to navigate the complex legislative issues facing the nation.

They also recognized the important role of the Speaker of the House of Representatives as the principal leader and spokesperson of the House.

They noted that the Speaker is responsible for maintaining order, facilitating deliberation, and promoting bipartisan collaboration.

The group of incoming lawmakers emphasized the necessity of an individual with a proven track record of fairness, integrity, and effectiveness in leading the legislative process while exemplifying a commitment to upholding the Constitution and serving the best interests of the Liberian people.

They also noted the transition that Liberia is currently going through and the need for a Speaker to fill the soon-to-be vacant seat created by the Constitution.

The group said it is resolved to declare Representative Koffa as the preferred candidate for the position of

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The Representatives-elect boasted about Representative Koffa’s experience and expertise in legislative procedures demonstrated through his leadership positions, legislative accomplishments, and successful

management of the office of the Deputy Speaker, and his legal understanding.

“To recognize Representative Koffa’s commitment to bipartisanship and ability to foster collaboration amongst members of various political affiliations and ideological backgrounds,” the resolution said.

It continued that the incoming lawmakers are backing Koffa’s bid to acknowledge his unwavering dedication to upholding the principles of equity and fairness throughout the legislative process.

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