Changing The Dynamics Of Women Football

Changing The Dynamics Of Women Football
Changing The Dynamics Of Women Football

Africa-PressLiberia. Having finished last season in a comfortable position, Rochelle Woodson’s World Girls FC have set a new agenda, not only for the pitch, but also for life after football.

On the pitch, the agenda is to improve the squad and with the arrival of Nigerian Chidinma Onwuka, Guinean Damaye Camara and youthful Liberian defender Choice Tokpah, World Girls might just be in contention for the league next season.

Alhaji Konneh has also been appointed as the new Head Coach.

Off the pitch, the management of the club is also keen in helping the players to prepare for life after football.

At a recent seminar, Madam Lovetta Bailey Sendolo, an achieved Liberian entrepreneur and former Basketball player encouraged the players to always take their education seriously.

Madam Sendolo, CEO of Providence TV recounted how she mixed basketball with education, hence urging the players most of whom are secondary school students to always further their education.

“Always have it at the back of your mind that at certain age you won’t be able to play”, Madam Sendolo reminded the girls.

She continued: ” There has to be a backup plan and that plan is for you to go to school be like me” she added.

Soccer is a short career, at 30 you are done.

You may sustain a major injury along the way, illness may come, but when you are educated it will help you transition to another career. Just learn something,” Madam Sendolo emphasized.

Day two of the workshop also focused on teaching the players the rules of the game.

According to the chief referee of Liberia football Referee Lamie Kamara it is important for players to know the laws of the game.

He said if a player knows the law of the game they will not receive some of the cards to get in games.


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