Cllr. Jallah Barbu Appreciates Colleagues for Support in the LNBA Election

Cllr. Jallah Barbu Appreciates Colleagues for Support in the LNBA Election
Cllr. Jallah Barbu Appreciates Colleagues for Support in the LNBA Election

Africa-Press – Liberia. The runner-up candidate in the just-ended Liberia National Bar election Dr. Jallah Barbu has appreciated his supporters and is rallying them as well as other members of the legal profession to support the new leadership of the bar.

Cllr. Jallah Barbu: “Let’s do our best to keep our bar in tact. I want to rally all my supporters to support the bar. I know it is a difficult thing to do but we must do it for the good of the legal profession.

“Today is a wonderful day for me because of the true friends that I have. We were best in terms of the candidates that contested in the election. The bar members have decided and all of us are under obligation to abide by these decisions.”

Cllr. Barbu, speaking Tuesday, December 7, 2021 at an appreciation ceremony held for his supporters said, while he didn’t win the elections, he is pledging his support to the LNBA.

Cllr. Barbu outlined that during the three years period leading to the bar’s election in 2024, he will embark on several initiatives like teaching the Liberian Constitution in schools, providing pro-bono legal service to the Association of Female Lawyers, and as well contributing to the bar’s website.

The constitutional lawyer told his supporters that it was not an easy thing to have them support him in a competitive election process knowing that he was the best candidate but the outcome of the result sent a different message to the Liberian population.

He reminded his supporters that despite the outcome of the election result, “Team Barbu” will forever be respected in the country. Commenting on speculations that he came late to contest in the election, he said he harbor the ambition to become LNBA president long time ago and had consultations with senior lawyers about his desire.

He intoned that lawyers are opinion leaders and pacesetters in the society. The lawyers have power that even the President of Liberia can ask us for his guardiance when he’s making decisions.

“So we need to ask ourselves whether the decision we make during the election was correct. Anyway, the end shall justify the means,” he said.

Atty. Daniel C. Gayedyu, Jr., speaking on behalf of hundreds of supporters appreciated Dr. Jallah Barbu for been courageous, nothing that electoral defeat comes with moral lesson. Atty. Daniel said such lesson learned from the just-ended bar election is collective and as well individual.

He encouraged Cllr. Barbu not to be disappointed in the electorates, knowing that people who have the mindset to bring changes in society are not often selected by the electorates.

“Though you were the most competent and qualified candidate in the election but you were not elected by the voters. This may have been a mistake from the LNBA and such error will be felt by members of the bar,” he said. He called on Dr. Barbu’s supporters to work together in other to do better things in the future.

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