Coast Guard rescues 35 flood victims

Coast Guard rescues 35 flood victims
Coast Guard rescues 35 flood victims

Africa-Press – Liberia. The Liberia Coast Guard has rescued 35 flood victims in Montserrado County, including pregnant women, elderly people, and children, amid torrential rain across Liberia.
The Liberia Coast Guard (LCG), in support of civil authority, has conducted a rescue operation for residents of Kpelleh Town, Johnsonville, in Montserrado County, who were flooded due to a heavy downpour.

Cognizant of the devastating effects of the rainy season across the country, the Ministry of National Defense and the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) High Command mandated the LCG to launch “OPERATION RISING TIDE.”

According to the press release, the operation’s intent is to conduct search and rescue missions in flooded communities and ensure the safety and well-being of residents during natural disasters and the rainy season.

Captain John S-Kek Willie, commander of the Liberia Coast Guard, said the name “OPERATION RISING TIDE” conveys the urgency and critical nature of a Coast Guard mission during floods while also symbolizing the effort to rise above the challenges posed by natural disasters.

In fulfillment of this mandate, the LCG conducted a crucial search and rescue mission on 28 June 2024 in Kpelleh Town, a Johnsonville community that was severely flooded due to a heavy downpour.

Despite difficulties, LCG sailors heroically rescued 35 residents during the operation. Amongst those rescued were elderly people, pregnant women, and children.

The situation in the community is calm and normalcy has returned.

The operation’s commander, Petty Officer 1 (PO1) Clinton Slewro, informed the AFL Public Affairs Department that community dwellers were very helpful in providing information about residents who were stranded and could not find their way out.

He shared a particularly emotional moment when a resident informed his Team, “My entire family is stranded in the attic of my house because of the flood, and their lives are currently at risk.”

He narrated the joy and appreciation of community dwellers as the LCG rescued all 35 stranded residents. PO1 Slewro expressed gratitude to the community leadership and all the residents for their cooperation.

In a statement following the rescue operation, the Minister of National Defense, Brigadier General Geraldine J George (Rtd), underscored that despite challenges, the AFL remains prepared and committed to assisting with flood and sea erosion situations across the country, recognizing Liberia’s vulnerability to these natural risks.

Brigadier General Davidson Fayiah Forleh, Chief of Staff of the AFL, extolled the LCG Search and Rescue Team for their outstanding performance in executing their constitutional duties.

He assured the public that the AFL stands ready to support civil authorities during such situations, reaffirming the Armed Forces’ dedication to protecting and serving the Liberian people.

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