Cummings pledges better and more decent paying jobs

Cummings pledges better and more decent paying jobs
Cummings pledges better and more decent paying jobs

Africa-Press – Liberia. The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings has credited himself as the most qualified Presidential contender with the requisite capacity and expertise to revamp the country’s ailing economy, create decent paying jobs, and pay civil servants living wages that will better their lives.

Cummings assured that within the first one hundred days of a CPP-led Government, Liberians will begin to feel the impact of change in their daily life.

He has promised to provide micro-Finance loans for Liberian entrepreneurs including market women for a private sector driven economy, establish a national youth service program, and vigorously tackle the issues of sanitation in Monrovia and its suburbs.

The CPP Standard Bearer, speaking on a Radio talk show on Wednesday, September 13, promised to restore law and order to the chaotic traffic condition in Monrovia and also establish better professional and credible integrity institutions, adequately supported and funded to conduct an audit of all public institutions.

He said his primary focus will be to grow the economy, aimed at generating more revenue to fix the health and educational systems, while at the same time beginning the process of strengthening an agro-based economy, Eco-Tourism, and reviewing the commerce and trade laws aimed at making it easier to do business in Liberia.

The CPP Standard Bearer reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to combatting corruption, reducing wasteful spending of government resources on luxurious vehicles and extravagant lifestyles of public officials.

He said the greatest challenge to his Presidential bid is Liberia’s political class, who he said are vehemently opposed to change, “but they will be shocked at a Cummings victory, come October 10,” Cummings said.

He said, unlike the vast majority of Liberians, young people who constitute about 65 percent of the country’s population, are desperately yearning for change in their current miserable living conditions.

Cummings says he believes that with the level of engagement, interaction, and strategic nature of the CPP campaign activities, which include house-to-house and people-to-people contact, he is confident of victory in the October poll, noting that “the CPP is very intentional and deliberate about how it is going about it.”

He said his campaign tour of several counties, since August 5, revealed that” while big political rallies are absolutely necessary, they don’t give you the needed votes, unlike the person-to-person engagement,” noting that 80 percent of Liberians at these rallies are the same people.

On claims by his critics that he lacks government work experience, Cummings questioned if government experience was an antidote to good governance and national prosperity, why would Liberia, at 176 years, still be lagging in development and vast majority of its citizens subjected to widespread suffering and extreme poverty.

The CPP Standard Bearer said his competence, qualifications, and professional experiences are far unmatched by Mr. Weah and Joseph Boakai, and that he can do exceedingly well in reviving the economy for massive job creation and opportunities.

Responding to questions about the credibility of the electoral process, Cummings expressed concerns about the capacity and capability of the National Elections Commission (NEC) to conduct free, fair, and transparent elections.

He said, however, it is incumbent on President George Weah, in keeping with his constitutional obligations and responsibilities, to adequately fund the NEC and ensure the October poll is free, fair, and transparent.

The CPP Standard Bearer warned of grave consequences of an underfunded NEC, should the processes leading up to and tallying of results of the October poll, are not free, fair, and transparent. He referred to past electoral violence.

On the huge public outcry about the massive influx and abuse of dangerous and illicit drugs in Liberia, Cummings vowed to stop the widespread smuggling of drugs, by reinforcing border points and working with Anti-drug enforcement agencies to curb the danger.

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