Disagreement In Up Alliance As Supporting Political Parties Point Out Early Neglect by President Boakai

Disagreement In Up Alliance As Supporting Political Parties Point Out Early Neglect by President Boakai
Disagreement In Up Alliance As Supporting Political Parties Point Out Early Neglect by President Boakai

Africa-Press – Liberia. FrontPageAfrica has reliably learned that there is a growing disagreement between the alliance political parties and President Joseph Nyumah Boakai over “early ill-treatment.”

Our source close to the office of the President noted that 18 out of the 21 alliance parties have also been having an issue with people surrounding the presidency since Ambassador Joseph Nyumah was pronounced President-elect by the NEC.

The alliance parties were initially five political parties, including Unity Party, Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction, Protemp Nyonblee Karngar Lawrence faction of the Liberty Party, Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia, and the Movement for One Liberia of Macdella Cooper which took Ambassador Boakai to the runoff elections.

During the runoff, 16 other political parties joined the alliance, making it 21 political parties, and chaired by Cllr. Gabriel Salee.

However, our source noted that besides the UP, MDR, and Protemp Nyonblee factions of LP, the 18 others are having serious disagreements about how the UP and President Boakai are processing his leadership at an early start.

FPA gathered that some of these disagreements by the disenchanted alliance members range from not being consulted to not being commended for the campaign since the elections, not being consulted on appointment, and none of the aggrieved alliance parties being represented on the vetting committee.

As a result of this disagreement, which is fast deepening, our source who prefers anonymity noted that the 18 disenchanted parties on Tuesday, January 29, boycotted President Boakai’s Annual Address.

Accordingly, Atty. Samuel Kofi Woods of the Unity Party had been negotiating with these parties at the back to prevent the matter from further blowing into proportion.

Noticeably, besides Macdella Cooper, who is one of the alliance members always seen with the president, others boycotted the Annual Message, including the EFFL, which is always seen around Ambassador Boakai but was never seen at the Capitol.

This, our source noted, further indicates the length at which the internal conflict has grown.

At the same time, Atty. Woods is said to be currently embarrassed by the situation and the level at which the controversy is escalating and is now meeting with the disenchanted parties one at a time to ameliorate the situation.

When contacted, the Chairman of the UP Alliance, Gabriel Salee, informed FrontPageAfrica that the alliance is still cooperating with the President and that discussions are ongoing among members.

He noted that information about the alliance disagreeing is not to his knowledge, since its members continue to remain committed to the President’s quest.

At the same time, Salee noted that the process of governing is not an overnight issue; therefore, he is encouraging all alliance members that the process is about Liberia.

“We all entered this battle to fight to ensure that Liberia has state power and whatever is going on that individual parties will have their concerns about, there is a need to stick together and hold together as an alliance as we continue to foster the agenda of Liberians,” Mr. Salee explained.

“I want every alliance member to be patient and calm; we will continue the engagement, and whatever is needed will be placed on the table, whatever Liberians need will be placed on the table, and the President will look into it, and they will move forward.”

According to him, the alliance has continued to engage the President, and that will be done until a conclusion is made.

Salee further added that there has not been any disconnect or disagreement with the President as per his knowledge.

However, Chairman Salee noted that on the issue of boycotting the annual message, the alliance members did not receive an invitation from the foreign but, they later settled.

Meanwhile, Salee said the alliance has not had a conversation with Atty. Jodi Woods regarding disagreement, even though they attempted to speak with him about whether he was aware of any arrangement of grievances and concerns.

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