FLY Launches Youth Impact Monitoring, Advocacy Program

FLY Launches Youth Impact Monitoring, Advocacy Program
FLY Launches Youth Impact Monitoring, Advocacy Program

Africa-Press – Liberia. The Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) has launched the Youth Impact Monitoring and Advocacy Program under the theme “Harnessing Youth Power, Tracking Progress, and Driving Change.”

This initiative, which is part of the FLY Youth Impact Project, was launched on June 28, 2024, at a local resort in Monrovia.

The program aims to address gaps in the youth development framework, as investments and policies do not always translate to positive youth outcomes.

Emphasizing their need for data-driven advocacy for impactful change. Its objectives include assessing government interventions in education, employment, healthcare, and social welfare, focusing on youth aged 15–35 across Liberia’s urban and rural areas, and examining key policies, programs, and financing mechanisms.

FLY’s advocacy strategy for its Youth Impact Program includes developing policy briefs and recommendations based on research findings, partnering with youth and civil society organizations (CSOs) to amplify advocacy efforts, engaging with policymakers, utilizing media outreach to raise awareness of the program’s findings and recommendations, and mobilizing youth for advocacy campaigns.

The Youth Impact Monitoring and Advocacy Program (YIMAP) is designed to track and analyze government interventions and policies affecting youth development, ensuring that government actions positively influence youth opportunities and growth, and advocating for enhancements based on data-driven insights.

Karishma Pelham Raad, Assistant Minister for International Organization at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, served as the chief launcher of the program. She expressed her honor at launching the program and emphasized the importance of youth empowerment for Liberia’s development.

She assured FLY of her support in using her position to enhance youth initiatives and international collaborations, aligning with the government’s goals of building a prosperous and sustainable future for Liberia.

She highlighted the potential of partnerships with FLY to create opportunities for young people across the country.

“Through our partnership with FLY, we can leverage our collective partnership, resources, and expertise to create opportunities for young people across the country,” she said. “In my role as the chief launcher today, I will work tirelessly to ensure that FLY has the support it needs to achieve its objectives. This concludes advocating for policy and programs that promote youth development, facilitating participation, partnerships with international organizations and donors, and engaging with young people to identify their needs and priorities.”

According to her, the youth of Liberia are Liberia’s greatest assets, and are committed to helping them realize their full potential. “By investing in the young people of Liberia, Liberians can create a brighter future for Liberia and build a more equitable and prosperous society for all.”

In conclusion, the assistant minister expressed gratitude for serving as the chief launcher for the program and said that the empowerment of Liberian youth is not just a priority but the cornerstone for the achievement and advancement of Liberia.

She assures FLY of her commitment to lavishing the platform to actively support and amplify youth initiatives. “My focus will be fostering innovative collaborations both domestically and internationally, ensuring that our youth are equipped with the tools and opportunities that they need to strive.”

“Together, we will build a future where every young person can contribute meaningfully to our society and where international corporations serve as a positive and open road for change,” she encouraged the participants.

“I am engaged to embark on this journey; I am eager to do so, and I look forward to working hand in hand with all stakeholders to realize our shared vision of a more inclusive and prosperous future.”

Banica Stephenie Elliott, President of FLY, noted that the program marks a significant milestone in FLY’s journey towards a brighter and more inclusive future for Liberia, and emphasized that the initiative is a demonstration of the unwavering commitment of young Liberians to the preservation of peace and the pursuit of progress.

She also emphasized that the program emerged from the voices and experiences of young people in politics and activism.

She further said they conducted focus group discussions and town hall meetings with youth across the country, soliciting their opinions on the critical issues they wanted the next government to address.

“We also assembled a dedicated team to track the promises of the candidate, now President Boakai, ensuring accountability and transparency,” she said. “Today, we are proud to present this comprehensive report, made possible through the invaluable support of the European Partnership for Democracy.”

Elliott extended her gratitude to the European Partnership for Democracy for supporting FLY’s vision and partnering with them to realize their agenda for Liberian youth.

Elliot also said that their work is far from completion, but the true challenge lies ahead as they strive to remain engaged with the government, ensuring they deliver on the promises made to the Liberian youth.

According to her, with 74% of Liberia’s population being young, it is not merely a choice for the government; it is a profound responsibility.

“Our youth represent the backbone of our nation, and their aspirations must be at the forefront of our development agenda,” she stated. “As we move forward, we must remain vigilant and resolute. We must hold our leaders accountable and ensure that the youth agenda is not just a document but a living, breathing roadmap to a prosperous future. We must continue to foster unity by transcending political divides and working together towards common goals. The strength of our youth lies in our ability to collaborate, innovate, and drive change.

In conclusion, she called on stakeholders to join them in empowering the youth of Liberia, upholding the principle of democracy, and building a peaceful, prosperous, and inclusive Liberia. “Together, we can transform our vision into reality and create a legacy of which future generations can be proud.”

J. Bryant McGill, Deputy Minister for Youth Development of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, stated that the FLY initiative marks a significant milestone in the Ministry of Youth and Sports ongoing efforts to empower Liberian Youth and ensure that their voices, aspirations, and contributions are recognized and amplified.

He said their gathering is not merely to inaugurate a program but to ignite a movement dedicated to the meticulous assessment and enhancement of youth initiatives across Liberia.

He highlighted the collaboration with partners like the European Union, underscores the importance of a united approach to achieving the Ministry’s goals, and it is through such private-public partnerships that they can leverage resources, share expertise, and create sustainable pathways for youth development.

He also emphasized that the commitment of the European Union and other partners in the youth space has been instrumental in shaping FLY’s program, and their commitment to youth empowerment resonates deeply with the Ministry of Youth and Sports mission, reflected in the ARREST AGENDA.

Minister McGill stated that the FLY Youth Impact Monitoring and Assessment Program will serve as a critical mechanism in their pursuit of excellence. “By systematically evaluating our youth programs, we can identify what works, rectify what doesn’t, and continuously innovate to meet the evolving needs of our young people.”

In conclusion, Minister McGill stated that Minister J. Cole Bangalu reaffirms the government’s commitment to creating an environment where the dreams of Liberian youth can flourish, where their efforts are supported, and where their successes are celebrated.

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