Growth Acceleration Liberia Promises to Strengthen Liberian Businesses

Growth Acceleration Liberia Promises to Strengthen Liberian Businesses
Growth Acceleration Liberia Promises to Strengthen Liberian Businesses

Africa-PressLiberia. Growth Acceleration Liberia has organized a three-day training exercise to promote and allow smallholder businesses in the country to be able to scale up to impact society business-wise. The training is being held at the iCampus Liberia on Carey brought together serious several businesses from across the country.

Speaking at the training event, E. Abraham Tumbey, the Livelihood program Coordinator at UNDP Liberia, who spoke on behalf of his Country Representative, emphasized the importance of the program adding that it is very cardinal to the livelihood of Liberians.

“This program is one of our flagship initiatives, of the livelihood and employment project, where we believed we can make a very significant impact on the livelihood and employment as well as job creation for Liberians,” Tumbey said.

The Livelihood and job creation employment project is one of those projects of UNDP that contributes to reducing poverty in Liberia, the Livelihood program Coordinator at UNDP Liberia added.

Julieus Saye Keh-nel, consultant on SMEs/ Agribusiness at the Ministry of Commerce, lauded the organizers of Growth Accelerator program for buttressing the efforts of government by empowering Liberians to take ownership of their economy.

He admonished the beneficiaries to take advantage of the training adding that there are lots of opportunities that Liberians can make use of. He urged the participants that they should not see the Growth Accelerator program as their limit but should further seek for more opportunities that will grow their businesses and empower others in the country.

Also, giving a remark, Luther Jeke, the Chief Executive Officer of iCampus Liberia said training will provide access to funding for Liberian businesses. The initiative he says started in August. According to him, application process was announced in seven counties in Liberia.

An independent investment committee team comprises of a five-man committee made up of representatives was setup to evaluate potential applicants, Jeke said.

He added: “And those five persons two female and three male, use the never set of detailed criteria to select the 10 semifinalists of the program and these 10 semifinalists our businesses from across five counties. Some of them are into agriculture sanitation, businesses, and Community, involvement.”

He says: “The workshop is focused on customer acquisition competitors and also product Innovation. So we’re going to be here for the next three days today. Thursday, Friday, and then the businesses will go back to the production sites in the So, you know, this initiative is really about creating that capacity like your own businesses so that they get the requisite skill set to get the knowledge and the get the access to finance.”


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