Indian businessman eyes health and infrastructure sectors

Indian businessman eyes health and infrastructure sectors
Indian businessman eyes health and infrastructure sectors

Africa-Press – Liberia. Indian businessman Manoj Kumar Vatwani seeks to invest in Liberia.

An Asian businessman, Mr. Manoj Kumar Vatwani, expresses interest in investing in health and infrastructure in Liberia.

Speaking in an interview over the weekend, when he returned to Liberia after approximately forty-five months, he said that, given what he has seen after touring around, he is ready to invest in the health sector.

According to him, Liberia is his second home, and seeing himself back after 45 months is like being born again. Over the last 45 months, his absence from Liberia seemed like he was in a different universe, but now he feels so happy coming back to Liberia.

“I have been in Liberia for more than 22 years. There are many more things that I feel are supposed to come to Liberia that have not come, so many development plans and projects should be and are not here. Over the past 45 months, I visited so many African countries; what I saw there is not in Liberia. And I’m ready and prepared to invest in Liberia’s health, business, and infrastructure sectors.”

“When I went to Freetown, Sierra Leone, I saw one of the big Indian companies with a very big hospital and school for the people of Sierra Leone. We know the quality of education and medicine; I believe, despite my knowledge, that kind of school, hospital, and company, especially built by Indian people, is not in Liberia, and it must be built here. I will ensure we have those developments here”, Mr. Vatwani promised.

He says if people can see Indian nationals living in Liberia for more than 45 or 50 years, why can’t Liberians see the help from Indian communities in the country?

“Why can’t we invest in worship centers and the economy? No market is up to the standard from which Liberians, Indians, and other people can buy. If I meet with President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, the first thing I will discuss with him is to put policy, systems, and other important things in place to attract investors to come and invest in Liberia”, he concluded.

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