Liberia: Cassell Kouh Identifies With Women And Youth, Says Your Prayers Kept Me Safe In Prison

Liberia: Cassell Kouh Identifies With Women And Youth, Says Your Prayers Kept Me Safe In Prison
Liberia: Cassell Kouh Identifies With Women And Youth, Says Your Prayers Kept Me Safe In Prison

Africa-Press – Liberia. The Chief Executive Officer of the Kouh Foundation, Cassell Kouh, has identified with over 500 residents of New Georgia Community. Cassell Kouh, on Friday, December 22, 2023, presented rice, oil, and bedsheets to elderly women and youth within his childhood community, New Georgia.

Kouh recently got released from prison in the United States of America for fraud but said identifying with his people during the Christmas season is his way of appreciating the women for their prayers during his difficult time.The former Liberia Football Association Vice President for Operations presented over 500 bags of rice, 50 cartons of oil, and bedsheets valued over one million Liberian dollars as his way of helping his people during the Christmas celebration in Liberia.

Presenting the food items, Cassell said, “If I eat during this holiday, I need to give to the needy. I’m here today, and I feel there is no better way to identify with you rather than this.”

“After being away for almost seven years in prison, I always remember you people, especially our mothers, and I believe it is because of your prayers that God safely brought me back home. So I decided that I will come home and give back to you people and appreciate you for praying for me,” Kouh said.

Kouh, who is now a devoted Christian, said, “If it wasn’t for your prayers, I wouldn’t be here today. It is not only because of Ma Theresa’s prayer but Ma Theresa and all the women of this community and the people in Liberia, so I appreciate all of you.”

“When I was in prison, sometimes we faced difficulties and lay down with no bedsheets. So when I came home, I lay down on my bedsheets, tears came from my eyes, and I thought, ‘I am in the comfort of my bedsheets.’ So, I came today and will be giving you rice, oil, and bedsheets. That bedsheets symbolize peace, the peace I have right now sleeping on my bedsheets. I will be giving a bedsheets so that when you sleep on it, you know that your son is back in peace.”

According to him, making such a presentation is not to show he has money but to be grateful for the prayers they offered him during his time in prison.

Speaking on behalf of the over 500 beneficiaries, Sonnie Kollie thanked Kouh for his timely gesture. She appreciated God for setting Cassell Kouh free after seven years in an American prison.

“I just want to tell God thank you for our son. When Cassell was here, he grew up here as a child, so what happened to him hurt us as mothers. And all our prayers were for him to come back to us, and we are happy he is back and decided to give us gifts this season.”

“We will continue to pray that he will do more for us because he is a man who has a heart for his people,” Madam Sonnie Kollie told the media.

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