Liberia: Cllr. Gongloe Receives Huge Endorsement in Bong

Liberia: Cllr. Gongloe Receives Huge Endorsement in Bong
Liberia: Cllr. Gongloe Receives Huge Endorsement in Bong


Africa-Press – Liberia. The Presidential Candidate of the Liberian People’s Party, Cllr. Tiawan S. Gongloe, has received a huge endorsement from the citizens of Kpaiquellie Clan in Zota District #4, Bong County.

Citizens of Kpaiquellie Clan, Zota Administrative District, including women and youth groups as well as Chiefs and Elders, Traditional Council and religious groups, gathered in huge numbers on September 16 in Shankpallai Town in Zota District #4 to endorse the presidential bid of Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe.

According to the citizens, they believed that Cllr. Gongloe is the best person to replace President George Weah come October 10 elections.

Addressing the gathering, an eminent son of the Kpaiquellie Clan, John Gborlawoe, said their decision to endorse Cllr. Gongloe is not a mistake but based on his record as a corruption-free person in the country.

According to Mr. Gborlawoe, they endorsed Cllr. Gongloe because of what he has done for Liberia and Liberians in terms of advocacy.

“So our gathering here today is not because of money, but to tell the world that Cllr. Taiwan Saye Gongloe is a possible replacement for President George Weah.”

He disclosed that among the Presidential Candidates, Cllr. Gongloe is the only person who can deliver Liberians from the condition they are facing now.

According to Gborlawoe, during Gongloe’s days in the government and private sectors, Liberians including the international community felt his impact on society.

Also speaking, the CPP/ANC representative candidate in District #4, Jonah N. Togbah, endorsed the presidential bid of the Gongloe and Yarkpawolo ticket in the pending October 10, 2023 elections.

He outlined the records of Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe and urged citizens of Bong to support the Gongloe and Yarkpawolo ticket in the County.

The CPP Representative candidate said it is about time for Zota District to make history by producing a Vice President from the District in the upcoming October 10 elections.

The CPP/ANC Representative candidate told the huge gathering that despite being from the CPP, he believes in what an individual brings on board in terms of bettering the lives of the ordinary citizens.

“I cannot take off my trousers and give them to a different person. l will work closely with Cllr. Taiwan Saye Gongloe and Dr. Emmanuel K. Urey Yarkpawolo’s ticket in giving them the thirty thousand and thirty (3030) people that registered in Zota District for this October elections, so that they will respect us as citizens from this District,” Jonah N. Togbah added.

He urged Zota citizens to support the Gongloe and Yarkpawolo ticket in the pending elections.

The CPP/ANC Representative candidate’s decision to endorse the Gongloe and Yarkpawolo ticket has surprised many of Cummings’ supporters in Bong County, especially when candidate Togbah still carries photos of Cummings and Brumskine on his flyers in the District.

For his part, the political leader of the Liberian People’s Party, Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe, thanked the Kpaiquellie Clan citizenry for gathering such a huge number to endorse him.

Gongloe said his leadership will combat the insecurity lifestyle Liberian citizens are enduring under the Weah-Taylor leadership.

He vowed to support both public and private schools across the country to help the government in educating its citizens.

Cllr. Gongloe named vocational schools, good road networks, women empowerment, and job opportunities for Liberians, amongst others, as priorities his administration will pursue if elected.

Cllr. Gongloe announced to cut off graduation fees being paid by parents. On health, Gongloe vowed not to receive treatment from outside the country, but to ensure that the healthcare system works for all. He promised to ensure the availability of drugs at various public health facilities for citizens to access treatment.

He furthered that his government would improve the agriculture sector including education, health facilities, and road network, among others.

The event was graced by former Zota District Commissioner, Joseph Urey, Representative candidates, eminent sons and daughters, and local traditional leaders from the County including the district among others.

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