Liberia: CPP to ‘Show Political Strength’ Oct 1

Liberia: CPP to ‘Show Political Strength’ Oct 1
Liberia: CPP to ‘Show Political Strength’ Oct 1


Africa-Press – Liberia. Many believe that the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) might be in the shadow of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the former ruling Unity Party (UP), and is poised to come in a distant third place when the ballots shall have been cast and counted on October 10.

But this is a narrative or perception that the illustrious and ambitious CPP presidential candidate, Alexander B. Cummings, and his band of believers, supporters, and sympathizers think is fictitious and does not represent the messages that are resonating at the grassroot levels—considered the bedrock of the electorate—areas that have been the focus of their campaign.

For the CPP, they stand a better chance of being in the run-off with either the CDC or UP as the election cannot be won in the first round. To some, the continued daring conviction of the CPP of being confident of a space in the runoff is mind-boggling, especially given the fact that the two leading parties have shown huge levels of political strength this month.

UP presidential candidate Joseph Nyuma Boakai got a massive boost to his presidential bid on Sunday, September 17, when he had the city of Monrovia teeming with green-clad supporters despite the heavy downpour of rain that threatened his campaign launch.

The mammoth gathering of supporters at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS), was preceded by a massive turnout for the CDC on September 7. These shows of political strength, to many, not only show that Montserrado County remains a fierce battleground for the October 10 elections, but that the presidential election is a two-horse race.

Despite Cummings putting up a strong show when he first arrived on the political scene in 2017, his critics believe he and his new political institution do not have the claws and political appeals to galvanize an organic support base that will rival the CDC and the UP.

However, the CPP, the last of the three top contenders, says it cannot be left out of the crowd politics as its sympathizers and well-wishers, are due to turn out en masse on Sunday, October 1, in what is expected to be the biggest pre-victory rally at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS), in Monrovia.

The CPP Rally was originally set for October 6, but changed to October 1, 2023, upon request by the National Elections Commission (NEC).

With corporate expertise, Cummings and his team are focusing on instituting robust anti-corruption measures, enhancing regulatory mechanisms, and strengthening institutions responsible for governance. By offering tangible solutions to long-standing problems, Cummings is committed to transforming Liberia’s political landscape, his supporters say.

His vast knowledge of the business world and his corporate appeal are the magnetism that have seen voters, who are disillusioned by the status quo, gravitate towards the CPP with the hope that he will solve Liberia’s myriad economic and governance challenges.

CPP National Campaign Coordinator and Spokesperson, Counsellor Layaffete O. Gould, said thousands of partisans and supporters are expected to overflow the ATS in their Red, White, and Liberty Party (LP) Green to express their support and solidarity for the presidential bid of Cummings, a man whose quest to lead Liberia to prosperity embodies the hopes and dreams of thousands of citizens.

With determination, vision, and commitment to economic growth, good governance, and social development, Cummings says he offers a promising alternative for a country in need of transformative leadership.

“The Alternative National Congress and the Liberty Party of the late Counsellor Charles Brumskine are constituent parties of the CPP, which is the largest and leading opposition bloc which is poised to capture state power from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of President George Weah,” the CPP said in a statement.

The CPP promises a departure from the corruption and governance challenges that have plagued the country. Cummings’s strong character, international recognition and respect, and commitment to change signify a transformative shift in Liberia’s leadership.

As he embarked on the process of unseating President George Weah, he said on numerous occasions that his plan for Liberia is one where corruption is curbed, governance is effective, and Liberia stands as a beacon of progress in Africa.

As the collaboration anticipates its national launch on Sunday, October 1, there is huge excitement among thousands of CPP partisans and supporters about the victory rally expected to attract citizens from the 15 sub-political subdivisions in Liberia.

Massive preparation is underway for the expected huge turnout, with CPP stalwarts including its Standard Bearer, Mr. Cummings and Vice Standard Bearer, Counsellor Charlyne Brumskine, rallying Liberians nationwide to turnout and let their voices be heard.

The CPP Victory Rally is nine days ahead of the October 10 poll which, the CPP said, will be the turning point and the birth of the new Liberia of great hope, economic prosperity and massive job creation for the thousands of unemployed Liberians who are lingering in abject poverty and suffering.

As October approaches, Liberians find themselves at a crossroads, faced with an opportunity to choose the path towards a brighter future. It is a chance to shatter the status quo, empower the Liberian people, and guide the nation to prosperity.

The question that remains is whether Liberians will embrace this man, who has presented himself as a remarkable candidate, and embark on a journey of change, paving the way towards a better Liberia for all.

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