Liberia: LFA Ends Admin and Marketing Workshop For Women’s Lower League Clubs

Liberia: LFA Ends Admin and Marketing Workshop For Women’s Lower League Clubs
Liberia: LFA Ends Admin and Marketing Workshop For Women’s Lower League Clubs

Africa-Press – Liberia. The Liberia Football Association (LFA) has ended a two-day FIFA-sponsored administration and marketing workshop for women’s lower league clubs at its headquarters in the Swankamore, Congo Town.

A Liberian entrepreneur, Edna Thompson (Mrs.), discussed marketing, publicity and branding on 20 May.

Mighty Barrolle Vice President for administration Roseline C. Hunter-Konneh, who is also a University of Liberia instructor, lectured on administration and governance in football on 19 May.

LFA 3rd Vice President for women’s football, Jodie Reid-Seton (Mrs.) co-facilitated the sessions.

The LFA, in collaboration with FIFA Development Program, have drawn out a plan of to develop, educate, train and create pathway for more women and girls in football.

The forum was held to provide sustainability and to help with the development of the women’s lower league.

Roseline and Edna were invited to educate clubs about administration, marketing, branding and publicity.

Clubs were represented by their presidents, secretary-generals and administrative managers.

LFA 2nd President Sekou Konneh, in opening the forum, pleaded with clubs to be administratively structured to help it grows and or develops.

Prof. Konneh, while admitting to some of the challenges, said it is unbelievable for any club to have a person playing all the roles.

“It puts a lot of burden on you if you are running a club without an administrative structure. I know some of you will say it is difficult to get people to volunteer because they want something from you at the end of the day.

“The late T. Kpan Nimely, a Liberian folksinger used to say ‘I am looking for something to eat then something wants to eat me.’ But basically, it is about how you encourage others to be part of you. You are alone can’t carry this burden.

“When we call for president’s workshop, you are here. When we say secretary-generals, you are here. When we say team managers, you are here. So who are you now? Are you a Tarzan that will put everything on your head,” Konneh wondered.

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