Liberia: Margibi Chiefs Appreciate “Jeety” for Establishment of Rubber Processing Plant in Cinta Township

Liberia: Margibi Chiefs Appreciate “Jeety” for Establishment of Rubber Processing Plant in Cinta Township
Liberia: Margibi Chiefs Appreciate “Jeety” for Establishment of Rubber Processing Plant in Cinta Township

Africa-Press – Liberia. Chiefs, elders and traditional leaders in Margibi County have overwhelmingly endorsed the full operations of the Jeety Rubber Liberia Limited Corporation in the county, with a vow to

Some time ago, the National Legislature passed an Investment Incentive agreement for the company, which is being constructed, to operate in Gborplay Town, District #5, Margibi County. It occupies about 222.3 acres of land.

The company is expected to transform latex into finished products

It is owned by renowned Indian business tycoon, Dr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva, who is commonly known as “Jeety” in Liberia

Dr. Sachdeva, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Jeety Trading Corporation-a premier importer and distributor in hardware and building materials- and scores of other businesses across the country.

He is also the former Indian Honorary Consul General to Liberia.

Speaking during the meeting, the Paramount Chief of Kakata, Chiefdom Fahn G. Lepolu, stated that the Jeety Rubber LLC’s over US$25M investment currently ongoing in the area is an investment that has “open big corridor for this part of Liberia and all over”.

He noted that the company will serve as a hotspot to provide job opportunities for hundreds of citizens in the midst of numerous economic constraints.

“Thank you so much Jeety-this is a blessing for you within Kakata Chiefdom because the one I have seen here, I have never seen it before. The development that you are bringing to us is not for your one. The good that you have done for us is for everyone-from the President down to us. It is not only government work we want; we want jobs”.

Fighting poverty

Also speaking, the Clan Chief of Wea Clan, Madam Musu M. Yango expressed gratitude for the decision taken by ‘Jeety’ to ensure the establishment of the company in Cinta Township.

She observed that following the commencement of full operations, Jeety Rubber LLC will help combat against the high rate of poverty in the area.

She added that citizens, especially those working at the company will now be able to provide for them and their respective family members and also extend helping hands to others.

“When poverty is somewhere and there is no work, people can say rogues are getting plenty because, you who are not rogue, you will start stealing. So, when job opportunity is somewhere, we know how it is looking. I just what to take this time to say thank you very much. I been hearing that Jeety has opened company. I came today and saw many of our children already working”.

Madam Yango further lauded the Wisner’s family for the decision taken to provide the 222.3 acres of land to ‘Jeety’ for the investment.

She, however, cautioned the company not to trend similar path of the Salala Rubber Company (SRC) by downsizing employees for no justifiable reasons.

From darkness to light

“SRC was here and we were in darkness, no light. That you (Jeety) bringing light to us now. SRC brought darkness to us and dismiss all our people.

She pointed out that no foreign investor doing business or operating in Margibi has seen the need to meet with chiefs, elders and traditional leaders in the county prior to their operations.

“For you to remember and come to the traditional people to give you blessings, I just want to share tears. Since we been here, we have never heard that word from anyone calling us to give them blessing. The white people can only come here to do their work and look for their money and help their people behind and not to look at the people that are even sitting on their laps. Jeety, you are our true Liberian child and brother”.

Madam Yango observed that most often, foreign investors only prioritize the wellbeing of key government officials to protect their respective businesses, neglecting the locals at the community level.

A plea for scholarship

She expressed the hope that the company will be a blessing to parents who also do not have the financial strength to send their children to college after completing high school in the county.

“We will stay here for long but some of our children finished with high school but we don’t have the money for them to continue. Some of them are now cutting palm in the bush because there is no job”.

Madam Yango termed as a complete “setback” the lack of funding for parents to further the studies of the children in a bid to guarantee their future.

“You have brought life and light to us that we will benefit. It will not only be Weala. I want you to always think on us but not give us rice every month because; we want the citizens to benefit”.

Securing the company

Youth leader Anthony B. Kollie admitted that a significant number of young people in the township are jobless due to the lack of investment opportunities in the county.

As a result of this, he emphasized that many youths are constrained to engage into commercial motorcycle riding and other vulnerable ventures just to earn a living.

He, however, vowed that young people in the area will help “secure the company” as part of efforts to combat against poverty and the high rate of employment in Margibi.

“I was very much excited when I saw hundreds of young people working. This shows that this company has brought a total relief in our township. Mr. Jeety, we pray that this company will remain here and it will expand beyond this place so that our young people can be employed”.

For his part, the Commissioner of Cinta Township, Roland Johnson expressed the hope that Jeety and his company will succeed in the area.

He assured of the local authorities support and commitment towards working and collaborating with the company to help address the numerous challenges confronting the locals.

“This township and leadership will be willing to stand behind you. All we want you to do is to always listen to our advice you will have your managers and everybody in place, but if you listen to our advices it will be able to take you from one point to another”.

Commissioner Johnson warned against attacks on the Jeety Rubber LLC from unscrupulous individuals who intend to go against development in the county.

He urged the chiefs and traditional leaders to always come to the rescue of those who remain supportive to the developmental agenda of the county and the improvement of the living conditions of the citizenry.

He dispelled reports on the social media that the company, which is yet to commence full operation, is polluting waters within the towns

“Jeety will rely on the citizens to back him. There will be a time I will take some of you people to go with me and you will hear my voice on radio to talk for our township because, some of them will leave from elsewhere to come and spoil the image of our township and we will not be in the back to sit down and see you come spoil Cinta township unless I am not Commissioner. We will take you as enemy of the state ”

Meanwhile, the chiefs, elders and traditional leaders have commended the Indian business tycoon for also seeing the need to ensure the construction of a clinic, school and others in the local of his investment.

Earlier on, Dr. Sachdeva pointed out that the meeting was intended to seek blessings from the chiefs and elders in the county.

“I have invited Paramount, Clan, Town chiefs and others here to seek your blessings and show you what I am trying to do here because they are our elders. I have no other different purpose but to get to know you people and identify things that I can do for the community and the society because, I am your son; I am not a stranger to Liberia and I have been here for the last 35 years and this is my home. I just need your blessings and prayers for the successful implementation of this project”.

Weala workforce

He vowed to ensure that the entire workforce of the company comes from Weala, Margibi County.

He said those who do not have the requisite skills will be trained by others to take full charge in every department, including managerial positions at the company.

“The youths are the future of the country and they should be given priority. I want the entire workforce to come from here Weala”.

He disclosed that 700 persons, particularly youths from Weala and its surroundings will be employed at the company.

He, however, expressed gratitude for the cordial support and cooperation he continues to receive from the county’s local leadership, including the Superintendent, Commissioner, among others.

On hospital

“I have already acquired a 24-bedroom building for a clinic. This is a property owned by one of your sons who was trying to build a hospital but he abandoned the project”.

Dr. Sachdeva disclosed that the clinic will be constructed and ready for operations within a two-month period.

According to him, a Pakistani Medical Doctor, who was previously assigned at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, will take charge of the facility.

He stressed that the construction of the facility is intended to provide adequate healthcare delivery to citizens in the area, noting that, “if everybody is healthy, we enjoy the fruits of labor”.

“I have not started any production yet, but this is the first thing I want to do for the people of Margibi. In times to come, this hospital will be in such a way that people will come from everywhere in this country to get treatment”.

‘Jeety’, however, pledged to continue to remain supportive to the growth and development of the country’s economy by promoting and empowering local Liberian entrepreneurs in the area.

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