Liberia: Pres. Weah Defends Monrovia, Miami Comparison; Says He was Talking about Rehab Community

Liberia: Pres. Weah Defends Monrovia, Miami Comparison; Says He was Talking about Rehab Community
Liberia: Pres. Weah Defends Monrovia, Miami Comparison; Says He was Talking about Rehab Community

Africa-Press – Liberia. President George Weah has responded to a public backlash after his recent statement in which he said Miami City in the United States of America looks like Monrovia, Liberia’s capital city, because of the “massive transformation” that has taken place since he became president in 2018.

The Liberian leader made the statement when he met with his kinsmen at a political rally during his recent to the United States of America. “If you look at the development we have done since we became president of Liberia you will realize that Monrovia looks just like Maimi City, here in the United States of America,” President Weah said.

Since then, criticisms have trailed the president’s comment, with Liberians home and abroad taking to social media to poke fun at him, while others described his presidency as “the definition of total embarrassment”.

One social media user, Narwale Washington wrote: “Why is he reading that little comment? Why is it that he keeps trying to compare Miami to Liberia? This guy just cannot get it right. So sad, our people in Liberia and the Diaspora need to wake up, and take things seriously so this embarrassing mess don’t go on for another six years.”

Bendy Tonma Washington, another social media user, wrote: Even the area you live cannot be compared to Miami, Mr. President. We have been there we see the starving people that are outside right outside your compound. We see when you drive out, your windows closed, tinted, as you fly through the neighborhood and not stopping, we see. No, Rehab is not like Miami.”

Peter Wilson, a Liberian, also weighed in on the president’s statement when he posted on Facebook: Wow! so this man is so insensitive to the plights of his citizens and country believing all is well under his administration? Is this how bad this thing is??? So Rehab Community is Monrovia once it’s paved the entire city is also? These people will run our country into the ground, and he only said that because of their misinterpretation they give him.”

But on Sunday, President Weah, pastor of his Forky Klon Jlaheh Church, appeared unapologetic as he used his sermon to clarify his initial statement, saying: “Miami in the United States of America, where I lived, people jog at night, and that’s just what people do here in the Rehab Community. I repeat, Rehab just like Maimi.”

The Liberian leader also responded to former Information Minister Lewis Brown, who during his recent appearance on the Spoon Talk said President Weah might not go for re-election.

In his response, President Weah said: “If he (Lewis Brown) thinks he crazy, not one man born crazy child, or maybe he thinks his craziness is more than anyone. This is a man I fired because of the incompetence he demonstrated while working for the government in the United States of America.”

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