Liberia: Unity Party SG Takes over LPRC

Liberia: Unity Party SG Takes over LPRC
Liberia: Unity Party SG Takes over LPRC

Africa-Press – Liberia. Mr. Amos Tweh, the Secretary General of the Unity Party (UP), has officially taken over as the Managing Director at the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC), vowing to implement comprehensive reforms and promote workforce development.

Tweh, who assumed official duties on Tuesday, January 30, expressed gratitude for the opportunity given him by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai to serve his country. In a brief remark during the turnover ceremony held at the headquarters of the Refinery Company, the UP Chief Scribe committed himself to driving institutional growth and enhancing productivity during his tenure.

With previous experience at LPRC and academic pursuits in the United Kingdom, Tweh is eager to contribute to repositioning the institution as a leader in the nation’s oil industry.

“I am delighted to return to LPRC after six years, ready to contribute to the repositioning of this institution as a leader in the nation’s oil industry,” said Tweh, reflecting on his previous roles within the company and his academic pursuits in the United Kingdom.

Appointed by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai following the UP’s victory in the 2023 presidential run-off elections, Tweh has outlined his vision for the next five years, focusing on setting an aggressive agenda for institutional growth and fostering a culture of problem-solving and teamwork.

Under his leadership, LPRC will prioritize operational efficiency, preventive maintenance, and ensuring the availability and affordability of petroleum products in the Liberian market. Tweh highlighted the importance of collaboration with licensed importers and distributors to protect investments and maintain the company’s reputation.

Furthermore, he underscored the need to upgrade the LPRC Petroleum Lab to meet international standards and enhance the operations department.

To address concerns of product theft, the new LPRC boss assured adherence to company policies and Liberian laws and discussed plans for corporate strategy development, community outreach, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

In line with President Boakai’s commitment to transparency and accountability, Tweh pledges to conduct comprehensive audits and review existing agreements and policies to ensure they align with current realities and national development priorities.

At the turning-over ceremony, Unity Party National Chairman, Rev. Luther Tarpeh, applauded President Boakai for his confidence in Tweh’s leadership and urged LPRC employees to support the new Managing Director in driving positive change and maximizing productivity. With Tweh at the helm, stakeholders anticipate progress in efficiency, transparency, and sustainable growth at LPRC, Tarpeh said.

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