London to Sydney in Just 2 Hours? Air Travel’s Fate May Take Cosmic Turn

London to Sydney in Just 2 Hours? Air Travel's Fate May Take Cosmic Turn
London to Sydney in Just 2 Hours? Air Travel's Fate May Take Cosmic Turn

Africa-Press – Liberia. Presently, a London-to-Sydney flight can take up to 22 hours. However, a study published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal suggests that commercial suborbital space flights could revolutionize travel, by drastically reducing the journey time.

In a groundbreaking development, holidaymakers could soon embark on a journey from London to Sydney in a mere two hours, thanks to suborbital space flights. While the current cost of these flights exceeds £350,000 per seat, regulators anticipate a future where such trips become widely accessible.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is investing in medical studies to explore the effects of suborbital space flights, which involve briefly launching travelers into space before swiftly descending to their destination.

A recent CAA-funded study, conducted in collaboration with King’s College London and facilitated by the Royal Air Force (RAF), revealed promising results. It found that most individuals handled the G-forces of suborbital travel well, paving the way for its potential as an ultra-fast, point-to-point mode of transportation.

This research indicates that individuals of varying ages and fitness levels could embark on these expeditions, with older adults potentially demonstrating an advantage in adapting to the demands of space travel.

UK Aviation & Space Medicine Consultant, Dr. Ryan Anderton, expressed confidence in the benign physiological responses of most passengers. He highlighted the potential benefit for older individuals, citing their “stiffer arteries” as a factor that could mitigate the pooling of blood away from the brain during suborbital flights.

While the current cost of suborbital space travel remains prohibitive for many, the CAA’s investment in medical research signals a commitment to advancing this futuristic mode of transportation. As technology advances and costs potentially decrease, the prospect of reaching far-flung destinations in a fraction of the time is inching closer to reality.

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