Motorcyclists in Nimba return inaugural money

Motorcyclists in Nimba return inaugural money
Motorcyclists in Nimba return inaugural money

Africa-Press – Liberia. Several thousand commercial motorcyclists from various unions in Nimba County have returned 20,000 Liberian Dollars reportedly received from the Unity Party/MDR alliance. The money was meant to have enabled motorcyclists in all of the county’s 19 administrative districts to celebrate the recent inauguration of President Joseph Nyumah Boakai and Vice President Jeremiah Kpan Koung.

But the dissatisfied motorcyclists in a news conference this week returned the amount on grounds that it is too infinitesimal for a membership of over 5000 commercial cyclists spread out in the entire votes-rich Nimba. Instead, they demand from the UP/MDR leadership at least US$1, 000 or $500, rather than 20,000 Liberian dollars for such celebration.

Speaking to reporters after the news conference, the regional coordinator for the motorcycle and tricycle union responsible for Bong, Lofa, and Nimba counties Emmanuel A. Sarty, said the amount is not encouraging to expect them to celebrate.

He explained that during the 2023 elections motorcyclists alongside Nimbaians overwhelmingly supported and voted for the Unity Party to take power, but they are not being respected despite sacrifices made.

Mr. Sarty expressed disappointment and frustrations that the UP/MDR alliance could regard the union membership so low when they are an important constituency in Nimba.

“We the cyclists like any other citizen who supported the Rescue Mission, are eager to see the Unity Party government succeed; in so doing, we observe that the immediate exposure of ill will of those entrusted with public confidence to steer the affairs of the Liberian people is contingent to the very success we anticipate”, he lamented.

According to him, their action is based on continuous disrespect from the Unity Party and MDR leadership in the county.

Also speaking, an executive of the union, Emmanuel Youray, expressed disappointment over treatment from politicians, vowing to lead a campaign in towns and villages to educate fellow motorcyclists to distance themselves from activities of the UP and the MDR.

The MDR is the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction party of Senator Prince Yormie Johnson that produced former Senator Jeremiah Koung now Vice President of Liberia, as running mate of President Joseph Boakai.

But since the alleged mismanagement of US$45,000 earmarked for the inaugural ball in the county, Nimbaians are in disarray over how expenditure was made.

This paper gathered that some clans in the county received as low as US$30 and $20 respectively, as their share of the budget sent to the county for the inaugural celebration.

Marketers and teachers also expressed disappointment that they were unable to receive a cent from the amount allotted for the occasion.

When contacted, local officials of the UP didn’t respond despite several calls made to get their comment on the matter.

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