New Capsule, Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Launched in Liberia

New Capsule, Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Launched in Liberia
New Capsule, Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Launched in Liberia

Africa-Press – Liberia. A new capsule that can be used to treat colds, lung infections and other respiratory illnesses, is on the Liberian market. A product of the People’s Republic of China, the Lianhua Qingwen capsule is a compound of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), developed by using the theory of collateral diseases.

Introducing the Lianhua Qingwen capsule to the public, the Chinese Ambassador to Liberia, Ren Yisheng, said since its launch in 2005, Lianhua Qingwen has become a typical Chinese patent medicine for responding to public health events related to respiratory virus infection.

According to him, traditional Chinese medicine is an original medical system that has been gradually formed and continuously enriched and developed by the Chinese nation in the thousands of years of production and daily life practice and the struggle against diseases.

“Lianhua Qingwen has played an important role in the global epidemic prevention and control work. Up to now, it has been approved for listing or selected for anti-epidemic whitelist drugs in nearly 30 countries and regions including Kuwait, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, and 8 African countries including Liberia, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya,” Chinese Ambassador to Liberia, Ren explained.

In Liberia, Lianhua Qingwen capsule has been approved by the Liberia Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA), after a rigorous period of testing.

In brief remarks, Liberia’s Minister of Health, Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, said the LMHRA confirmed to her that the LianHua Qingwen capsule product has been cleared and ready for use on the Liberian market.

“Today, we are launching this particular medicine for colds and lungs. When you told me about this medication, I immediately contacted the LMHRA to verify if the medicine is cleared and they confirmed, ‘yes’,” Jallah said.

She noted that the LianHua Qingwen capsule, traditional Chinese medicine comes at the time when a lot of people, especially during the rainy season, are coughing and sneezing, therefore, having something to help and clear the lungs and make sure they feel better is welcome.

The LianHua Qingwen capsule is imported by Mercy International Medical Center, a Chinese-owned healthcare provider that has operated in Liberia for 14 years. The capsule is soon expected to be sold over the counter at pharmacies across the country. The capsule packs come with instructions in the English language.

The launch of the LianHua Qingwen capsules, held on August 18, coincided with the 14th anniversary of the founding of the Mercy International Medical Center, held at the Chinese Embassy in Congo Town. Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer of Mercy International, Dr. Zhai Yu (popularly known as Dr. Yular), said over the years, she has combined in a successful way the western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine and the treatment results, sometimes, were way above the expectations.

Citing a few instances, Yular said, she saw semi-paralyzed patients, following a stroke, coming into her facility in a wheelchair and later going home on their own feet after just 7-10 days of treatment.

“Since I started practicing medicine, I have always been patient-oriented. With my deep understanding of tropical diseases, I have rescued 173 critical coma patients with cerebral malaria in the past 14 years, with zero mortality. There were 1,349 Trauma surgeries, 5,880 heart diseases, 247 cerebral vascular diseases, and 269 pediatric patients,” Yu said.

She said the center is always looking to find new ways to fight against some of the most common diseases and that is why when they heard that in China, people were using a type of medicine to prevent and cure the severe symptoms of fresh cold, flu and influenza, they were interested more about bringing the medicine to Liberia.

Dr. Yu added over the years, Mercy International Medical Center supported the health system in Liberia, especially during the Covid19 Pandemic when every medical facility in Monrovia was under high pressure, high risk and very overwhelmed.

According to her, after one year in the new facility they have successfully managed to improve services and now the first ambulance service is available.

Dr. Yu said she had a dream and never stopped and after 13 years, in August of 2021, the Mercy International Medical Center moved to a new facility, new building and new equipment on Boulevard road, Congo Town.

In other remarks, Ren said China will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Liberia in the fields of medical care and public health, as well as actively explore cooperation in traditional medicine, including herbal medicine and acupuncture.

According to him, China will vigorously carry out capacity-building in training to contribute to strengthening Liberia’s response to the epidemic and health challenges, and improving the people’s health and well-being.

“We appreciate the assistance and support rendered by the relevant government departments of both Liberia and China, and commend Yiling Pharmaceutical for its strong support and Dr. Zhai Yu, Chief Executive Officer of the Liberia Mercy International Medical Center for her efforts made,” Amb. Ren noted.

He said since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020, the Chinese government and private sector have provided Liberia with 6 batches of anti-epidemic materials, including large quantities of medicines, medical equipment, and ambulances.

“China has dispatched 15 medical teams to aid Liberia to deliver medical services to the people of Liberia. At present, the Chinese side is implementing the clinical diagnosis and treatment laboratory project in the 14 military hospitals in an orderly manner,” the Ambassador said.

Health Minister Dr. Jallah receives a few packs of the LianHua Qingwen capsules from Dr. Yular

He said in 2020, the Chinese government-funded US$1 million to provide health and nutrition assistance to Liberia. In the past three years, China has provided about 2,500 tons of emergency food aid to Liberia each year, of which 2 million US dollars were provided in 2021 to provide emergency food aid to Liberia.

Jallah praised the cooperation between the Liberian government and the Chinese Government through its Embassy, which she said has achieved a lot during the Covid-19 and even beyond, in making sure that the best medical care is provided to Liberians.

She also lauded the Medical Director of Mercy International, Dr. Yular, for 14th years of service to Liberians during the thick and thin of the country’s difficult times and the good times.

Meanwhile, Yular presented 800 packs of LianHua Qingwen capsules to the Ministry of health, in order to assist Liberians to fight the fresh cold and Flu. She said she believes that this medicine is better suitable for Liberia and pledged to work together to build up a strong friendship between China and Liberia and as well as work for the future of Liberia.

The launch of the LianHua Qingwen capsule was attended by other dignitaries, including the Minister of National Defense, Maj. Gen (Rtd) Daniel Ziankahn; Minister of State without Portfolio, Trokon Kpui; CEO of the JFK Medical Center, Dr. Jerry Browne; a representative form the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL); representatives of the Chinese Medical Team; a delegation from the 14 Military Hospital and other private healthcare professionals.

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