New political party promises 30,000 jobs monthly

New political party promises 30,000 jobs monthly
New political party promises 30,000 jobs monthly

Africa-Press – Liberia. The political leader of the newly accredited Greater Action Party of Liberia (GAPL) Dr. Talford Ammons promises to create thirty thousand (30,000) jobs monthly for Liberians if elected as President in October. The GAPL leader also vows to employ 3.6 million citizens with better pay within ten years under his administration.

Speaking in an interview with the NEW DAWN following the party accreditation Tuesday, along with nine others by the National Elections Commission (NEC) Dr. Ammons says a GAPL-led government will lift Liberians out of poverty and depression thru job creation.

He did not explain or detail by what means these jobs will be created in what appears to point to running a bloated government.

“We are going to make sure that people are given their right paycheck. And we will ensure also that lots of people are employed. Despite this, we will seek to make sure that we hire thirty thousand people per month (30,000) which is approximately about three hundred and sixty thousand people per year and 3.6 million people after ten years. We will commit ourselves to make sure that the Liberian people are employed and have a better situation in life than what they now have.”

According to him, he is not interested in stealing from the Liberian people and that is manifested in his many properties that he has given to Liberians in Red Light, Paynesville for as low as hundred United States Dollars per lot, one of which, he discloses is occupied by Victory Chapel church.

Currently, a resident of the United States, Dr. Ammons reveals that every two years he comes to Liberia to advocate for his people both home and abroad to ensure that their lives are better and they are lifted out of poverty.

“I advocated for a hundred million dollars (US$100 million) to come to Liberia to make sure that we have electricity in this country. This has not happened due to some political reasons. We will stand in the full front to make sure that the Liberian people will benefit from what we have to offer. Nothing is really worrying me except I am tired of being poor’’, he adds.

He says Liberians are experiencing their worst economic and poverty downtrend under President George Weah and his ruling Coalition for Democracy Change government due to “poor managers’’, noting that If the Liberian people decide that they will instead, elect a snake as President, it is their business.

Dr. Ammons: “Liberians are suffering because the country has poor managers. And poor managers contribute to ineptness and reckless decision making. Therefore, we need to change this around and bring this country back to where it belongs. Under this administration of President George M. Weah and his CDC government, the Liberian people have not got their due benefits. Liberians have suffered too long and continue to suffer under this government and so, it’s time for change. All of us know fully well that Liberia is not at the place it needs to be right now.”

The GAPL was among ten new political parties the NEC certificated here on Tuesday, May 30th, bringing to 30, the number of registered parties ahead of Presidential and Legislative Elections in October.

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