PAYOWI Celebrates International Day of the Girls Child with Calls to End SGBV in Liberia

PAYOWI Celebrates International Day of the Girls Child with Calls to End SGBV in Liberia
PAYOWI Celebrates International Day of the Girls Child with Calls to End SGBV in Liberia

Africa-PressLiberia. The Paramount Young Women Initiative (PAYOWI) have ended a day long National Young Women Leadership Conference in observance of this year’s International Day of the Girls Child in the Country.

The Conference which was held under the theme “Embracing the Change: “Building Young Women Transforming Leadership Skills”, is meant to help enhance the capacities of young women leaders to become empowered, bold and ready for the change by being on the front roll and not only homes, schools or organizations but at national levels.

The event was also part of the project “Enough! Empowering women, girls, boys and men to take positive Action in Ending Sexual & Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in Liberia.” It is being sponsored by the European Union through OXFAM Liberia and Foundation for Community Initiative (FCI).

Speaking at the event, the Executive Director of PAYOWI said the project seeks to fight against all forms of violence against women and girls. The aim, she said is centered around creating an enabling environment so that women and girls can exercise, know and claim their right in ending sexual and gender based violence in all aspect.

Madam Wilson told the gathering that the institution also have the objectives to strengthening institutional technical capacities of CSO, women lead organization and community to talk about sexual gender base violence through advocacy and influencing policy under it transformative leadership component.

It also stands to ensure that negative and racial gender norms that are perpetuating and normalizing harmful social norms against women and girls are challenged and changed.

She said men are often the perpetrators of violence against women and latest research showed that most of the men who commit these crimes do it unknowingly. She stressed the need for more awareness and education for men in ending sexual gender-based violence.

The program which was held at iCampus in Central Monrovia was attended by several gender advocates including Rep. Rossana G.D.H. Schaack, youth organizations and from several schools across Monrovia.

Speaking on behalf of MacDella Cooper, Rachael Benson, the National Youth Chair of the Movement for One Liberia called on women and girls at the occasion not be frightened in speaking out ins making the difference and becoming the leader they want to be.

She said “Sometimes, even in our community we are discriminated by the male; sometimes by our friends, but I want each and every one to understand that no matter where you came from; don’t be afraid of speaking out and becoming a leader you want to be”.


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