PAYOWI Commemorates 16th Days of Activism; Embarks on Awareness to Eliminate SGBV Cases

PAYOWI Commemorates 16th Days of Activism; Embarks on Awareness to Eliminate SGBV Cases
PAYOWI Commemorates 16th Days of Activism; Embarks on Awareness to Eliminate SGBV Cases

Africa-Press – Liberia. As part the ceremony marking the celebration of the 16th Days of Activism in Liberia, the Program coordinator of Paramount Young Women Initiative (PAYOWI), Miss. Hawa C. Wilson has called on Liberians to join hands together in order to fight sexual and gender based violence issues around the Country.

The Paramount Young Women Initiative is a non for profit Women led organization that has been operating in Liberia since 2015 working; around Women’s world, promoting women issues and also working to see a violent free society for women and girls.

Miss. Wilson said sexual and gender based violence cannot be eradicated from the society except by means of collective efforts; noting that sexual and gender based violence is not an issue that should be kept under the carpet or handled at home or community levels.

“Sexual and gender based violence cases should be considered as major issues as other economic and National issues in the country,” she said.

Speaking further, she admonished Liberians to report cases of sexual and gender based violence in every sector of the country in order to buttress government’s effort in the fight against sexual and gender based violence.

The program director spoke when the institution dispatched several community members of Duazon in Margibi County on a massive anti-Sexual and Gender Base Violence awareness campaign aimed at curtailing menace across Liberia.

Speaking to reporters, participants who have been trained on Gender sensitive issues over the years by PAYOWI, expressed their willingness to engage community members in spreading the message of Sexual Gender Base Violence in the midst of the 16th day of activism in Liberia.

‘’We will be visiting campuses, Churches, Mosques, motorcyclists among others at the same time educating them about SGBV cases. We will also educate community members on the rape referral pathway and also how to handle issues of gender based violence’’ Ephraim Kopeh, one of the participants noted.

Diana Jarka narrated that their action is based on the proliferation of gender based violence cases around the country, something she said needs to stop now.

“We will ensure that gender based violence sensitization message is spread in every home in ensuring that every woman, child and community leader gets the knowledge and have an idea on how to respond to cases of any nature,” she said.

The focus of the awareness is to inform everyone in every sector that gender based violence cases has to be reported to the Liberian National Police through the Women and Children Protection Section (WACPS) which they believed will help in eradicating or minimizing gender based violence cases in the country.

The group narrated that with the wave of SGBV cases in the Country, they believe many people will listen and be educated on the way forward through communities’ engagements.

The women-leg organization believed that at the end of the community engagement, the communities will no longer take lightly, cases surrounding Sexual gender based violence issues, as would be perpetrators will be exposed to the public and brought to face the full weight of the law.

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