Rep. Gray Forecasts An Inevitable Disintegration Of CPP Political Marriage

Rep. Gray Forecasts An Inevitable Disintegration Of CPP Political Marriage
Rep. Gray Forecasts An Inevitable Disintegration Of CPP Political Marriage

Africa-Press – Liberia. District Representative, Acarous Moses Gray has predicted that the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) will crumble in 2022 on grounds that the political marriage was established on flaws and based on political greed.

Gray maintained that the establishment of the CPP was based on errors, hate and on extreme anger and not on constructive thinking due to the fact that members of the opposition could not withstand the sight of seeing a slum dweller in person of President George M. Weah ascending to the presidency.

Gray indicated that the leaders of the CPP did not take into consideration who to welcome in their political marriage but rather accepted people with diverse agenda thus making the political marriage a blemish from the onset of the establishment.

“We predict that this year will be a year that the opposition will try to fight among themselves and they will remain disintegrated,” the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) fanatic noted.

Speaking on several national issues on State Radio recently, the District #8 Lawmaker emphasized that the CPP will go into the 2023 General and Presidential Elections disintegrated which according to him will contribute to a devastating defeat.

“They will go in 2023 disintegrated and we will give them political latches that will be very devastating and that defeat will serve as the final burial ceremony of the opposition camp,” Gray added.

The District #8 policymaker recalled the overwhelming victory President George M. Weah received in 2017, winning 14 out of 15 counties in the country.

He cited that CDC did bury the opposition politicians and they further intend to politically bury the corps left behind in 2023 through the ballot boxes, democratically and transparently.

Gray highlighted that the combined forces of the opposition camp lacks the numerical strength to unseat President George M. Weah in the 2023 Elections, stressing that the opposition politicians don’t have the moral credentials and standing to do so.

“They have demonstrated no history of helping and developing our people,” the tough-talking Lawmaker said.

Rep. Gray stated that leaders in the CPP can only survive in the midst of chaos, citing that the numerous protestations staged by the opposition political body is a clear manifestation of his statement.

He said Librarians provided the oppositions the opportunity in the past but they did not do much to impact the lives of the citizenry, and as such, Librarians cannot trust them with power.

“All of them are seeking personal interest because of greed. Let’s take Unity Party as an example, they are out of the collaboration. They will announce it, I can assure you,” Gray asserted.

He added: “Read my lips, Unity Party is out of the collaboration. They don’t have to announce it, but we as politicians know exactly what we are saying”.

Meanwhile, Gray singled out that the presidential aspirant of the Liberian People Party (LPP), Tiawan S. Gongloe for his role in the democratic space of Liberia, branding the former Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) President as a “radical extremist.”

Gray sustained that Cllr. Gongloe has always been a member of the radical extremist in the history of Liberia, stating that the LPP political leader is known for his role in opposing every administration in Liberia, citing,” “Once it was not their godfathers that came to power, they opposed every administration”.

He claimed that Gongloe and his confidants plunged Liberia into political and social backwardness, saying, “Once it is not them, it should be no anyone”.

Gray asserted that Cllr. Gongloe used the LNBA for his selfish political interest, pointing out that the LPP Presidential aspirant announced his candidacy for the highest seat in the land while he was still the incumbent of the Bar, noting that it is a gross violation and conflict of interest on the part of the counselor.

The recent comment from Rep. Gray comes amidst claims and counterclaims amongst members of the opposition CPP concerning the alleged altering of contents within the framework document that holds the group together.

It can be recalled that the standard bearer of the All Liberian party (ALP) Benoni Urey accused the standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Alexander B. Cummings for altering the framework document.

The ALP head in a communication alleged that “Some nefarious individuals within the hierarchy of the CPP” altered segments and some provisions of the coalition’s framework document and replaced it with alien clauses to engender ulterior motives.

The accusation from the ALP standard bearer, the internal wrangling within the Liberty Party, the recent withdrawal of the ALP and the rumored withdrawal of the Unity Party from the CPP has deepened the crisis within the opposition camp.

Political pundits have inferred that President George M. Weah will defeat the opposition camp taking into consideration all of the political rigmarole amongst members of what has been perceived as the strongest opposition camp (The CPP).

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