Rep. Kollie Raises Concerns at LRRRC’s Repatriation Process in Bong

Rep. Kollie Raises Concerns at LRRRC’s Repatriation Process in Bong
Rep. Kollie Raises Concerns at LRRRC’s Repatriation Process in Bong

Africa-Press – Liberia. Bong County Electoral District #5 Representative Eugene JM Kollie has raised concerns about the decision of the Liberia Refugee Repatriation and Resettlement Commission (LRRRC) to use his district as a transit point for Liberian returnees from Ghana.

Representative Kollie expressed his reservations regarding the process and arrangements made by certain individuals, which he believes could have negative repercussions for the residents of the area, its surrounding communities, as well as Bong County as a whole.

“While it is true that we are happy to see our brothers and sisters back home after many years of being out, we want to again acknowledge the fact that the process wasn’t given due diligence by a few individuals due to political reasons, given that some of us are firm supporters of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change,” Kollie added.

The Representative questioned the environmental and social impact assessment conducted before the repatriation process, as well as the benefits and duration of the operation for the community.

He also highlighted the statements made by the LRRRC’s Director General Patrick Worzie, regarding the challenges faced by the returnees, including drug addiction, mental disorders, and other vulnerable conditions.

“The statement uttered by the LRRRC’s boss, Patrick Worzie, a few days ago at a press conference, has further validated our stance against the poor preparation and arrangement for the return of our brothers and sisters,” he said. Representative Kollie wondered whether there was any intensive Environmental Social Impact Assessment done.

“How was the land acquisition process done with the Community? What does the District stand to benefit during and after the repatriation process? What is the benefit for the people of Bong County? What’s the duration of this process,” he wondered.

The Bong County Lawmaker called for a careful handling of the repatriation process by the Government of Liberia, the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency, and the LRRRC to prevent any potential issues or backlash from the residents of Bong County District #5.

The concerns raised by Representative Kollie underscore the importance of thorough planning and consideration in managing refugee repatriation efforts to ensure the well-being and integration of returnees into the local community.

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