Speaker Koffa Urges Ahmadiyya Muslim to Follow The True Doctrine of Islam by Doing Good

Speaker Koffa Urges Ahmadiyya Muslim to Follow The True Doctrine of Islam by Doing Good
Speaker Koffa Urges Ahmadiyya Muslim to Follow The True Doctrine of Islam by Doing Good

Africa-Press – Liberia. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa said living together in harmony, despite religious beliefs, is an essential part of human life because peaceful coexistence is essential.

The Speaker called on Muslims to always follow the true doctrine of Islam by doing good to their fellow men and encouraging peaceful coexistence.

Speaking at the 20th Jalsa Salana (Annual Conference) of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Liberia on Friday, Speaker Koffa said the basic barerock of all great religions is faith, hope, and charity, and the greatest of these is charity. The Speaker said serving humanity – to help the human race is one of the essences of religion.

House’s Speaker Cllr. Koffa narrated that Christians and Muslims have some similarities when it comes to sharing with their fellow Christians and Muslims, and all Liberians need to follow said path.

“We have come to learn about the great teaching of Islam and the important role they had contributed over the years to the development of mama Liberia through the construction of schools, clinics, and mosques in nine out of the 15 counties in Liberia by the Ahmadiyya Muslim,” Speaker Koffa made the statement at N. J. Ahmadiyya Junior High School in Kpor River Community when serving as Guest of Honor and Guest Speaker.

The Speaker said he is a classic example of giving back to society and humanity, especially in both private and public sectors, which had helped him climb the ladders.

The Grand Kru County District #2 Lawmaker noted that research had shown that people who do good for others are always blessed by the Almighty Creator.

Speaker Koffa pointed out that Islam and Christianity are the same when it comes to helping, He called on Muslims and Liberians to keep and maintain the hard-earned peace that we are all enjoying, stressing that “Liberia, is all we have.”

Speaker Koffa also called upon God, the Merciful Allah, to help all of us to be able to do things that are necessary in our lives and beyond.

The program started with a tour of the facility; the hosting of the Ahmadiyya Muslim flag, and the flags of nine counties including the national flag of Liberia.

Meanwhile, the Ameer and missionary in charge of Liberia, Maulvi Naveed Ahmad Aadil,

said a Muslim should remain faithful to God in all circumstances of life, in sorrow and in happiness in diversity and d in prosperity, as well as in temptations and trial.

The Jalsa Salana (Annual Conference) was attended by more than 1,000 Ahmaddiya Muslims from nine counties.

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