Tips for a fun weekend

Tips for a fun weekend
Tips for a fun weekend

Africa-Press – Liberia. Friday; arguably everybody’s favourite day as it means we are closer to another favourite time, the weekend—when most people unwind from their work routine. With restrictions eased, there is plenty more to do, within reason of course. Here are some suggestions to make the weekend fun;

Game night

Experts say that video games are healthy for brain stimulation, development of problem-solving abilities, stress relief, and so forth. You can make it even more fun by ordering in; pizza, chicken, and drinks, whatever you like!


Cooking is therapeutic, people say. Look for some new recipes and try them out with friends or family. Cooking and sharing meals comes with amazing conversations, and puts you in a better mood.


Reading doesn’t only boost knowledge, it also boosts imagination. As you leave work, pass by the nearest bookshop and buy a book.


Meditation can promote relaxation, mindfulness, and a better sense of inner peace. All you need to do is choose a quiet, peaceful environment, wear comfortable clothes, decide how long you want to meditate, sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes if it helps you focus and relax. The act of meditating means training yourself to be mindful, to stay in the present moment, and to concentrate on what you’re doing right at that moment.


Watching a movie as a group is much more fun than when you are alone. Get a movie everyone is on board with. If you have kids, find family movies.

Catch up with sleep

Catching some sleep earlier than usual can help relax your body. There is no doubt that you will feel and think better.

Take a walk

Rushing to work in the morning doesn’t offer you the chance to walk, and considering some people use the elevator, with hours of sitting, the body yearns for exercise. Taking a walk can be fun. Try it with a friend, you won’t believe how far you can go. If you’re alone, play some music.

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