Weah takes campaign to “opposition stronghold”

Weah takes campaign to “opposition stronghold”
Weah takes campaign to “opposition stronghold”

By: Emmanuel wise Jipoh


Africa-Press – Liberia. Incumbent President George Manneh Weah will on Monday, September 24, 2023, take his presidential campaign activities to Northwest Liberia, in what is being described as a key test, to his re-election bid.

Mr. Weah will continue a try of luck in that part of Liberia, a Vote-rich region, as he looks to woo” support, while galvanizing votes from outside some of his main territories, in an area established as opposition stronghold.

President Weah faces 19 other contenders in highly anticipated competitive elections, which come in 16 days.

His main challenger, Unity Party Standard Bearer Amb. Joseph Nyumah looks to hold a strong tie with his Kingsman, to where Mr. Weah, is now taking his political campaigning activities.

Incumbent Weah, who has enjoyed, six years in power presiding over majority of the regions, in Liberia, including the South, West, Central, and some parts of northern Liberia, considered, Amb. Boakai, his main rival as serious threat to his re-election, especially considering the fact his main Challenger Amb. Boakai of the Opposition Unity Party (UP) comes from that part of Liberia, the Northwest, which analysts as the opposition Stronghold, surely judging from past election results.

Political Pundits’ views of Lofa County as it relates to previous elections have been a disadvantage to the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), the ruling establishment has struggled to pull votes in that region, despite vigorously campaigning.

Though the CDC, might celebrate, hundreds of their stewart, being sons and daughters of Lofa County, counting on the new dimension of the political horse race, the CDC might still struggle to win widespread support in Lofa County, largely belonging to the opposition Unity Party (UP).

The Weah-Taylor Administration is heading to the Northwest at a numerical disadvantage, despite roughly relying their hopes on Vice-President Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor who has a root, in the county from Salayea District, the Party’s National Campaign Chairman Lenn Eugene Nagbe, Executive Mansion Chief of Protocol Amb. Nora Finda Bundoo, Montserrado County Senator Saah Joseph, Representative Thomas Fallah, other executives, and partisans, Lofa could still remain an uncomfortable zone for them in terms of votes.

Despite series of tangibles, including the pavement of roads in the County, among other developmental initiative, Mr. Weah, will also count on his reputation as President and most popular candidate in the race to woo voters.

Meanwhile, hundreds of his supporters, of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), are expected to await their Standard bearer Mr. Weah, and his entourage, who are expected to storm the County from Salayea, District, Lofa County the original home of Vice – Standard bearer Jewel- Howard- Taylor, and then to Zorzor, Lofa County, for the first Townhall meeting, among series of other engagements.

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