Wrong Is Wrong No Matter Who Commits It – Cpp Must Start Be Stern On Itself First

Wrong Is Wrong No Matter Who Commits It – Cpp Must Start Be Stern On Itself First
Wrong Is Wrong No Matter Who Commits It – Cpp Must Start Be Stern On Itself First

Africa-PressLiberia. THE QUEST FOR THE LEADERSHIP position in the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) is becoming interesting as one of the lead candidates, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, is sounding the alarm over what he suspects as a violation of the framework which established the collaboration.

MR. CUMMINGS, during a meeting of the leadership of the CPP, stormed out when, according to him, it became apparent that it was in violation of what established the CPP. AND IN THE AFTERMATH of such, the ANC leader has sounded the alarm to the world. And he is right. Very right.

“IT IS NOT ENOUGH that we criticize the government, as we rightly should, but also that we continue to demonstrate that the CPP is a better alternative by holding ourselves to a higher standard of democratic leadership and accountability.

“A WRONG IS A WRONG regardless of who commits it, including myself. Recognizing and correcting a wrong is not weakness. It is an attribute of leadership, and is honorable. Doubling down on wrongs is dishonorable and a product of undemocratic leadership.

“WHERE THERE is insistence on not correcting our collective mistake, but to continue to proceed wrongly, in spite of clear violations of our laws, I will not be part of it. We owe the Liberian people an obligation to do things differently; to be better than this government. If not, how are we the alternative?”

THAT THE CPP is desperately seeking to remove the Weah led government from power via the ballot box is a well-known fact. Doing so, they have vociferously highlighted the several missteps, wrongs and vices of the current government.

THE CPP CONTINUES to fail in its remembrance that it is seeking power. In so doing, they have to be different. Different in actions, deeds and words as well as doing things differently from the ones they are seeking to democratically remove.

FOR EXAMPLE, when it became known that the impeachment of Justice Kabineh Janeh from the Supreme Court was a highly orchestrated political affair, the CPP was at its highest decibel crying on deaf ears that the Weah led government was undermining the independence of the court.

IT’S SADDENING now that the CPP doesn’t see it is violating the very framework it wants to use to ascend to ascend to state power. Furthermore, it is unacceptable for the CPP to violate its framework but yet at the same time condemns the government when it violates the constitution.

A WRONG CAN/must/should not be corrected with another wrong. And this is where we salute Mr. Alex Cummings for standing up and blaring the alarm for he public to know and understand what is ongoing internally within the CPP. HAD HE NOT DONE SO, it would have been another business as usual continuing that vicious cycle of the past. But condemning the process is not all.

MR. CUMMINGS is on a road less traveled, wanting to break away from business of the past. It may be filled with twist and turn as well as booby traps, but it is a road which we feel Liberia needs to travel on if she must arise from her slumbers and becomes what she truly is – epitome of greatness.

AND THOSE WANTING to be the ones to decide on what methods to be used to awake her should not only be upright, but also coming to equity with clean hands or their motives—whatever they are—remain very suspect.


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