Abida Mia launches construction of K79 million clinic in her constituency

Abida Mia launches construction of K79 million clinic in her constituency
Abida Mia launches construction of K79 million clinic in her constituency

Africa-Press – Malawi. Member of Parliament for Chikwawa Mkombezi who is also Minister of Water and Sanitation Abida Sidik Mia yesterday launched construction of a 79 million Malawi Kwacha clinic at Miseu Folo, Group Village Headman Mailosi in Chikwawa Mkombezi Constituency.

Speaking after the launch, Mia said the clinic once it is done will help the people around that area because right now they travel a long distance just to access medical help and as Member of Parliament for that area thought it is very wise to have another health centre in Miseu Folo.

“The funds for the project are coming from GSED funds. We want to have another hospital in that area because it is a huge catchment area and the hospital will at least help the people so that they don’t have to travel so far to access medical help.

“So if they have to go Mgabu it’s 12 to 15 Kilometres and if they have to go to the other hospital in Chipwaila health centre it is also about 12 to 15 Kilometres so by having that hospital in Miseu Folo Group Village Headman Mailoso it will assist the people around that area very much because they will not travel a long distance to access medical help,” said Mia.

According to Mia, she is going to use Constituency Development Funds (CDF) to build two houses for the staff and also to bring water at the clinic. “The funds for the houses will come from CDF because GSED can’t manage everything so I will put my part by investing 40 Million for two houses,” she added.

During the launch, two DPP councillors in Chikwawa Mkombezi, Kholofati Malunga and Aubrey Masanza, jointly endorsed Abida Mia in the forthcoming 2025 elections as member of Parliament for that area.

Speaking to the people who gathered at the ceremony, both Malunga and Masanza said they have endorsed Abida Mia because of the way Mia is utilizing the Constituency Development funds in that area.

“We are DPP members, but today, we have endorsed Honorable Abida Mia so that she rules this constituency up to 2030 or so. The woman is performing very well if we come to development of this constituency. She is utilising the CDF in a proper manner. We need her performance,” said Malunga.

Commenting on the same, Mia welcomed the endorsement and promised to continue performing well in as far as developments of Chikwawa Mkombezi are concerned.

“This obviously shows that they are confident in my work and the fact that I sit with them and discuss projects with the council what we need to do in the Constituency in both wards and am very fair and I always try to balance it so that everybody is happy,” said Mia.

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