AKA’s death: Stop sharing your location – Priscilla Kayira

AKA’s death: Stop sharing your location – Priscilla Kayira
AKA’s death: Stop sharing your location – Priscilla Kayira

Africa-Press – Malawi. Malawian radio personality, Priscilla Kayira, has urged celebrities in Malawi and across the world to stop sharing their locations. The Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) presenter, tweeted today, following the killing of AKA in a drive-by shooting in Durban last night.

“Avoid sharing your locations. Post once you have left the place. The enemy is always watching you”, tweeted Priscilla Kayira. However, she was bashed by several people for what others considered an insensitive tweet.

“This is doesn’t apply to just the incident that has occurred. There’s a lot of things that can happen to a person not only death. They’re rapist out here, stalkers, thieves [sic]. Etc but go ahead with the agenda you want to go with [sic]”, she clarified her tweet.

In response, some people disagreed with Priscilla. This group argues that people with a motive such as hitmen would still locate you even if you do not pin your location on your social media accounts.

“Ku Malawi kuno kuphana samayendela kuti wadropa location or not, zitsambazo!!!!” @sheluvsme1000x replied to Priscilla Kayira’s tweet, while insinuating witchcraft is the common way people handle their business in Malawi.

“Koma hitmen wouldn’t be busy confirming on your instagram, those people will already be there with you before you even post”, tweeted @mlengacathy in response.

“2 Pac & Biggie didn’t disclose their location… so as Big L, Lucky Dube etc ….. it’s just unfortunate that we [are] living in a cold world”, reasoned @TchumaFrancis

“What’s the worst thing that can happen to you madam if you share your location in Malawi?” queried @maya_nkoloma

“Even if you don’t share your location. Everyone knows you are at Stamag every Friday”, tweeted @such_bae ‘unrelated’ to Priscilla Kayira’s tweets.

“If hitmen are sent to you, it doesn’t matter if you posted your whereabouts or not. They *will* find you.” @EsethuNkosazana tweeted about 2 hours earlier before Priscilla. However, several others agreed with Priscilla Kayira’s reasoning. Some shared their experiences of sharing a location on social media.

“I remember this other time I tagged my location at Zomba Steers while I was at the exact place. A friend came straight to me saying I’ve seen your status. I was shook and a lesson was learnt, ofcourse in a good way. But what if she had some negative agenda? Olo wangongole?” recounted @MilcahTMathias.

“Valid point, but if someone is actively looking to harm you, they won’t be sitting around waiting to see your location on Instagram or whatever” @Kamanga__ tweeted in response.

Unknown assailants killed AKA yesterday around 10:10pm in Durban. He died at the scene. He was killed together with his bodyguard. The Durban police are yet to issue a comprehensive overview of the incident. Meanwhile, AKA’s family has asked for “space and time in this time of grief”.

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