Castel Malawi ganja farming boss replaced

Castel Malawi ganja farming boss replaced
Castel Malawi ganja farming boss replaced

Africa-Press – Malawi. Castel Malawi Limited Managing Director Herve Milhade who was convicted of farming marijuana has been replaced. In a press release, the company has announced the promotion of Thomas Reynaud to the position of Managing Director, succeeding Milhade.

However, the company has not divulged reasons behind replacing the ex-convict. This has raised varying speculations from the public. “Chamba amkalima chija tinadziwa kuti sakhalisa (We knew that his journey with Castel was over after to his ganja farming scandal,)” reads a comment

Other people have applauded Castel for replacing Herve, arguing he raised prices of alcohol and he is responsible for scarcity of spirits brands like Malawi Gin.

The outgoing Managing Director fell out of favour with some Malawians when he was given a lenient penalty, after being found guilty of having a marijuana farm in his compound.

The court slapped him with a K1 million fine for the offence, whereas youthful offender Mussa John was sentenced to 7-years in jail for an offense of simar nature.

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