Chinese embassy: the racist video was shot in 2020

Chinese embassy: the racist video was shot in 2020
Chinese embassy: the racist video was shot in 2020

Africa-Press – Malawi. The Chinese Embassy says it has noted that the racist Chinese shot the video mocking Malawians in 2020 while saying China condemns racism everywhere. A BBC Africa Eye investigation has exposed Lu Ke as the man behind the video which caused outrage across the world in 2020 when it was published on Chinese social media.

In the video shot at Njewa in Lilongwe, Lu Ke is heard telling excited Malawi children to chant “I am a black monster and my IQ is low” in Chinese. Lu Ke takes such videos of Malawian children and sells them to other Chinese nationals in China. Reacting to the revelations from the BBC investigation, the Chinese Embassy in Malawi highlighted that the video was shot in 2020.

“The Embassy noted with great concern the video Racism for Sale. We strongly condemn racism in any form, by anyone or happening anywhere. We also noted that the video was shot in 2020. It shall be stressed that Chinese government has zero tolerance for racism,” the embassy tweeted.

What should Malawi do with the racist Chinese immigrant shooting racist videos of Malawians while exploiting children as caricatures? More Chinese immigrants shooting racist videos: China says racist video was shot in 2020: — Malawi24 (@Malawi24) June 14, 2022

A racist Chinese citizen identified as Lu Ke who is based in Lilongwe has admitted shooting a video in which Malawi children were told to chant “I am a black monster and my IQ is low”. Lu Ke says he shoots such videos in Malawi to promote Chinese culture

— Malawi24 (@Malawi24) June 13, 2022 Commenters were, however, quick to point out that the year the video was taken is not important.

“It’s not about when it was shot it’s about what that video portrays ……the demeaning, the exploitation and the racism … you missing that point,” a Twitter user said.

On social media, Malawians have expressed their anger over the racist video and the Malawi Government has since said that it has ordered the police to investigate and arrest the man who shot it. Rights group, CDEDI, has urged the government to trace Chinese nationals in the country in order to know what they are doing.

“The move is to ascertain the status of their stay and to verify if indeed what they are doing in the country is tallying with the purpose of their coming into the country, as per the documents authorizing their entry and stay in Malawi,” CDEDI executive director Sylvester Namiwa said in a statement.

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