Chinese national Susu handed over to Malawi

Chinese national Susu handed over to Malawi
Chinese national Susu handed over to Malawi

Africa-Press – Malawi. The Government of Zambia yesterday handed over Chinese national Lu Ke to Malawi at the Mchinji border. Lu Ke also known as Susu fled Malawi to Zambia in June 2022 after a BBC Africa Eye investigation exposed his illegal conduct of making racist videos involving Malawian children.

Susu was arrested in Zambia and on 24 June, the Chipata Resident Magistrate Mercy Chibo ordered him to pay 13,000 Zambian Kwacha (about MK780,000) for illegal entry and illegal stay.

The Malawi Government through cooperation among Ministries of Homeland Security, Justice and Foreign Affairs, reached out to the Zambian Government to request the extradition of Susu.

The extradition process has since been completed and Susu was handed over to Malawi yesterday. He is expected to appear in court for his illegal activities. In one of the videos, Malawian children were told to chant demeaning words which read : “I am a black monster and my IQ is low.”

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