I was blacklisted — Mpulula

I was blacklisted — Mpulula
I was blacklisted — Mpulula

Africa-Press – Malawi. Newly appointed Mighty Tigers head coach Leo Mpulula says he was black listed by the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) under former President Walter Nyamilandu Manda. Nicknamed ‘Ferguson’, Mpulura revealed his ordeal under Nyamilandu’s administration to Wa Ganyu in an interview that was live on a Facebook page.

He said;”I was suppressed by the former regime, and there was nothing more I could do to showcase my talent. I was black listed as he [Nyamilandu] had his own people who, no matter how badly they performed, were given various coaching roles by the association,” he said.

However, with Fleetwood Haiya at the helm of the country’s soccer governing body, Mpulura believes that opportunities will be given to all, especially those who will be doing great work.

“We have a new leadership at FAM, and I believe every person will be given an opportunity to shine, especially those doing good work. I believe in equal opportunities, and if given a chance, I can help to develop football in Malawi, and that’s exactly what I will do by developing talent at Tigers,” he explained.

Known for his skill in talent identification and development, the tough spoken Leo believes that talent developed at his new club will also benefit the nation.

“I have produced a lot of talent, and if there was an opportunity to be rewarded, I would be one of the coaches to receive accolades for developing massive talent in Malawi and I believe I will do it with Tigers so that we help Malawi with quality players,” he concluded. Mpulura was with Silver Strikers before he decided to leave for a Super League team as he was coaching the youth team at area 47.

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