Kalindo advises opposition to wake up against MCPs’ vote-rigging

Kalindo advises opposition to wake up against MCPs’ vote-rigging
Kalindo advises opposition to wake up against MCPs’ vote-rigging

Africa-Press – Malawi. Political activist Bon Kalindo has advised opposition political parties DPP, UDF and AFORD to wake up and guard against Malawi Congress Party (MCP) vote-rigging strategies for it to bounce back into government in 2025.

Kalindo said vote rigging is a process and is not a one-day job reminding Malawians that in 2023 the MCP were at it in the villages collecting Identity Card numbers for those that are dead and the recent voter registration exercise where the National Registration Bureau (NRB) is failing to release data per regions and districts.

He said it is sad that the opposition parties have gone to bed, Mai Lilian Patel and Atupele Muluzi (UDF) are quiet, DPP and Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika after one rally in Blantyre are quiet only AFORD is doing all of what it can, on the ground.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Kalindo said there have been two audios circulating that the Chewas are over 14 million and will not go to Zambia for Kulamba ceremonies to concentrate with President Chakwera and MCP bouncing back into government in 2025.

Kalindo said another audio is in circulation claiming that Lilongwe has registered over 2 million eligible voters for the 2025 elections advising the opposition parties that these two statements are part of rigging the elections and that the Chewas are many in the country hence voting for the MCP to victory.

He said the time is now for the opposition parties to be united, Malawi needs a strong opposition party to send the MCP and its rigging processes out of government observing that as the writings are on the wall, Malawians have ruled out the MCP for enough is enough with it.

The activist said UTM members already walked out of the MCP-led Tonse Alliance government and what is heartbreaking is that the party’s leaders are still with the Alliance as the main partner meaning that senior UTM officials are the ones benefiting from the Alliance with the MCP.

“Opposition parties, time for going to court to challenge Mec and NRB is now, there should be a constitutional amendment that not only IDs will be used for those to take part in the voting processes,” said Kalindo.

He said the research which has been conducted by Malawi First has revealed that Malawians are demanding to have a president from the opposition parties who will have the welfare at heart and for the pensioners to have the last smile of getting their dues before they are declared dead.

Kalindo has warned the opposition parties that if they are not ready to bail Malawians from the shackles of the MCP and its dictators for fear of being arrested, the better option is to tell Malawians the truth and the citizens will liberate their country by themselves.

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