Luanar Rotaract Club cleans up Lilongwe’s Ngwenya Market

Luanar Rotaract Club cleans up Lilongwe’s Ngwenya Market
Luanar Rotaract Club cleans up Lilongwe’s Ngwenya Market

Africa-PressMalawi. Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar)-based Rotaract Club on Saturday ran a sweeping exercise at Ngwenya Market in the capital Lilongwe driven by efforts to complement various hygienic initiatives in the country.

During the exercise they also sensitized vendors and community members that use the market to take care of the market and other surroundings in order to be safe from various health hazards.

Speaking in an interview during the exercise Luanar Rotaract Club president, Naomi Kayanula, said members of the club realize their responsibilities and it was their duty to go out and tell people on the importance of living in a healthy environment hence the sweeping exercise.

“Mostly, when we talk about the environment it’s about how best it helps us to live a healthy life, so we thought of a place where we need a lot of cleaning for people to be safe and that place among others is a market like this,” she said.

Kayanula stressed the need to make sure that all the market users are taking the responsibility of not littering around in order to make sure that the market is always clean.

“People buy a lot of things from this market including food, and when the market is not clean it means people are exposing themselves to various diseases that come due to poor hygiene such as cholera.

“We believe that when business people are used to the clean environment they will also be able to do the same in their homes as such making a clean environment possible everywhere including homes and business places,” she said.


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