Malawi’s TEVETA employee Sophie Nyirenda commits suicide over workplace harassment

Malawi’s TEVETA employee Sophie Nyirenda commits suicide over workplace harassment
Malawi’s TEVETA employee Sophie Nyirenda commits suicide over workplace harassment

Africa-Press – Malawi. One of Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education and Training (TEVET) Authority’s employee Sophie Nyirenda is reportedly committed suicide over office work harassment.

According to police report the late Sophie who happened to be the daughter of Judge Nyirenda committed suicide in her house in the early hours of November 3, 2022 in Chinyonga township in Blantyre.

The police investigations show that Sophie committed suicide due to work place harassment after checking whatsapp messages which came from her Boss at the office.

Inside sources corroborated with the police investigation; “Issues of work harassment at TEVETA Regional office in Blantyre are common because of the conduct of the Regional Centre Manager.

“Several employees have complained to Head office of the conduct of their boss but nothing so far has happened and instead employees end up receiving warning letters”.

Added the source, “The issue of Sophie started last week when she complained to her fellow workmates of the ill-treatment and harassment she gets from her boss. But her colleagues encouraged her focus on her work”.

It alleges that on Sunday, October 30, 2022, her boss whose identity is yet to be disclosed sent a WhatsApp message which was very disheartening and abusive.

“The boss shouted at her and this made her to stop going to work from Monday, of October 31, 2022. Her workmates visited her on Monday at her house in Chinyonga and she told them that life to her is now meaningless and she is considering resigning and she will no longer go back to work because of what the boss is doing to her.

“She showed her workmates the message which came from their boss. Indeed the message was bad. However, they tried to counsel her and further advised her to go back to work and fil leave forms for a compassionate leave,” alleges the source.

The source added, “On Tuesday, they visited her again and what they noted was that she was no longer the same Sophie they used to know.She told them that they should not come closer to her because she has not taken a bath for 3 days.

“This meant that she was under heavy depression and stress. On Wednesday, November 2 of her workmates visited her again and advised her to go to work and apply for a holiday. She promised to go but she never did”.

‘The following day, Wednesday, her workmates visited her again but they were surprised to note that upon visiting the gate, they phoned her to open the gate but she told them that she is not home, and this was a lie because she was inside the house.

“They then advised her to tell her maid to come out and get some cassava which they had brought and within a minute the maid came out. They were worried that something is seriously wrong and it was around 8pm” said the source.

The sources adds, “And came Thursday morning, they received the news that Sophie has committed suicide in her house. Immediately Police came and took the dead body and also took her phone. Upon checking the messages in the phone, and also interviewing some employees, they concluded that Sophie indeed committed suicide because of work related issues especially harassment and bad messages she got from her work place.

“Several employees at the Regional office have confirmed that their boss on several occasions verbally abuses her subordinates. And she calls them names and openly challenges them that they are all dull and that once she becomes the Executive Director, they will be fired”.

“The death of Ms Sophie Nyirenda, daughter of the High Court Judge, could have been avoided if the manager treats her juniors well. It is so bad to lose such a productive young person because of evil deeds of some managers in the work place. This manager doesn’t deserve to lead people in the organisation like TEVETA,” worried the source. There was no immediate reaction from TEVETA authorities on the matter.

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