Opinion: How MCP has completely finished DPP and Chilima

Opinion: How MCP has completely finished DPP and Chilima
Opinion: How MCP has completely finished DPP and Chilima

Africa-Press – Malawi. I will not be an honest person if I don’t admit that while MCP has disappointingly failed to run this country with unprecedented levels of mediocrity, they are the master planners and executers of crafty clandestine political operations.

For a long time, we made the mistake of overestimating DPP and underestimated MCP. DPP claimed to be a system, but they are not. With so much ease, MCP has infiltrated and dismantled the much-touted DPP system. MCP has proved that when it comes to politics, they are the masters of this phase of our history. DPP’s political capabilities were overestimated.

Personally, I began to notice something different about MCP in 2019. I suspected that MCP had recruited a special political consultant who was a master of strategy.

You see, though MCP lost the 2019 elections to DPP, they shocked me with a humiliating defeat against DPP in Parliament. MCP won the seat of Speaker, and also won the seat of Deputy Speaker. MCP also influenced the outcome of the position of Second Deputy Speaker. As a result, DPP won the ballot but lost shamefully everything in Parliament. I figured MCP was back in the game of politics.

After humiliating DPP in Parliament, MCP still had more surprises. They had just begun to inflict pain and injury. DPP was yet to suffer the worst.

MCP immediately successfully disputed an internationally-declared fair and free election and got the High Court to hear the case. In 2020, they successfully defeated DPP at the High Court and again at the Supreme Court of Appeal in the Presidential Elections Case. They successfully overthrew DPP out of government through well planned and perfectly executed grand strategy which was apparently put in motion before the 2019 Elections.

DPP could not understand that they had lost government. They didn’t see it coming. They were ambushed.

While nursing the wounds of defeat, DPP went to Court in 2021 to seek nullification of the Presidency of Lazarus Chakwera. This followed the re-composition of the Electoral Commission. It had been recomposed on grounds that it had been illegally composed towards the 2019 and 2020 Elections. Again, MCP humiliated DPP, and the blue giant walked out of the court badly bruised and limping on both legs.

After inflicting such fatal damage on DPP, MCP was still not yet done. They skillfully outwitted DPP by thwarting its attempt to put a capable Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

DPP miserably failed to put a Leader of Opposition in Parliament. The result was that MCP now had the position of Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Leader of Opposition as well. Can you imagine that? That is unheard of anywhere in the world. Now you understand why I just have to give MCP all the credit. That’s super-genius politics right there.

DPP is bleeding, and it’s MCP that has done that. DPP is paralyzed and heavily traumatized courtesy of MCP strategies. DPP is in a comma in a hospital bed in the ICU, plugged to a life supporting machine. MCP did that to them.

That is not all. Look at Chilima.

Chilima shook the nation. He was praised and worshiped as mfana oganiza bho. He was adored as the greatest marketer, and caused DPP some problems. Amaoneka kuti anali mfana ovuta kuthana naye, shasha.

But MCP went straight for Chilima. They simply bundled him up, put him in sack bag and threw him at the corner. Sanaphuphenso.

They finished Chilima with so much ease, gaged his mouth and caged him like a dog. That is how MCP has humiliated all those that thought they were the best at the game of politics.

MCP, ndakutayilani kamtengo pandale. Mulibe mzanu. But I wished you used the same efforts, strategy and intelligence that you deploy when destroying your opponents, to destroy and humiliate our poverty. Fix this country the way you fixed DPP and Chilima.

Inflict damage on unemployment and defeat hunger the way you have done with DPP and Chilima. That way the country will benefit from your unmatched display of political acumen and mastery. It is very unfortunate that after screwing DPP and Chilima, you have screwed every Malawian.

Not fair at all.

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