Parley stops ADMARC selling maize to Zimbabwe

Parley stops ADMARC selling maize to Zimbabwe
Parley stops ADMARC selling maize to Zimbabwe

Africa-Press – Malawi. Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture has ordered Agriculture Development Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) to stop selling maize to Zimbabwe. Chairperson for the Committee, Summer Suleiman said on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 during a meeting with ADMARC Board.

Suleiman said the country has no enough maize as we only have 46,000 tones out of 100,000 tones. He said the Board lie to the nation of the availability of Maize in the storage.

Suleiman also said the cooperation has no qualified staff that are failing to operate properly. The committee also condemned suspension of ADMARC General Manager Rhino Chimphiko in relating to the purchase of the company vehicle saying the board approved of it.

In his remarks ADMARC Board Chairperson, Kusamba Dzonzi said will to adhere to the committee request of prohibiting the selling of Maize. Dzonzi said the cooperation is expected to trim the staff from 3787 to 1330.

He said the former ADMARC boss GM did not give them the actual truth of the storage making them to compromise their reporting. Dzonzi said ADMARC has 58 billion debts and needs government to rescue them. ADMARC planned to sell 100,000metric tones of maize to Zimbabwe at 52 miliion.

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