Pro, anti-demonstrations groups clash

Pro, anti-demonstrations groups clash
Pro, anti-demonstrations groups clash

Africa-Press – Malawi. There were ugly scenes of violence in Limbe, Blantyre, following an altercation between people who are in favour of demonstrations planned for today (Friday) and those against them.

The anti-demonstration group had taken to the street, attracting the attention of those in favour and, soon, stones rained on them. Police fired teargas to control the situation but, at least, two people were wounded and a car was smashed in the process.

Among the notable faces against today’s demonstrations were well-known football administrator Stone Mwamadi and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Ward Councillor for Ntopwa Ward Isaac Jomo Osman.

Osman said he and the group he was parading with were not necessarily protesting against the demonstrations but stressed that Bon Kalindo, who until last Wednesday was UTM director of youth before announcing his resignation from the party on Wednesday, was part of the government system which, he said, had messed the lives of Malawians.

He said Kalindo betrayed the DPP by joining UTM in its formative years, adding that Kalindo campaigned for UTM in the May 21 2019 presidential election and Tonse Alliance in the retaken June 23 2020 presidential election.

“Let someone else come and organise the demos [and] we will participate in [them]. Let our Leader of the Opposition [in Parliament, Kondwani Nankhumwa], for example, organise the demos or anyone else but not someone who was promising us one million jobs, mega-farms, reduction of passport fees and all that.

“We are suffering because of him. My boys in Limbe are suffering because of the promises he made to us in the name of Tonse. He disrespected the former president [Peter Mutharika] looking for votes. How can I support him?” Osman said.

Limbe Police Station spokesperson Patrick Mussa confirmed that there were scenes of violence but said the police would ensure that law and order prevail.

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