Prophet destroys couple’s new marriage

Prophet destroys couple’s new marriage
Prophet destroys couple’s new marriage

Africa-PressMalawi. Malawian self-acclaimed Prophet Bentry Canaan of Revival Crusade is trending for all the wrong reasons after destroying a couple’s new marriage in Kasungu. After a successful wedding of Mr Wezzie Nyangu and Martha Pondani on 2nd October, the couple went for their honeymoon as per custom.

Hell broke loose in the first morning of their honeymoon when Nyangu found out that his wife, a gospel musician, is in a relationship with the prophet in question.

Screenshots of the conversation between the prophet and Martha which have gone viral on the internet, show that the two are indeed romantically involved. In one of the messages, the prophet told Martha that he wants her to be mother of her children.

The news has shocked some people considering the involved parties’ position. People believe it is not normal for the two gospel preachers to be indulging in such acts.

“A prophet and a gospel musician, oh my God! This is not excusable at all. I feel for the Wezzie,” reads one of the comments Canaan is on record to have once said that Malawi is not a God fearing nation but a donor fearing nation, sentiments which made him popular.


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