Reports ‘Bushiri sneaks into and out of South Africa’ are fake news – Officials

Reports ‘Bushiri sneaks into and out of South Africa’ are fake news – Officials
Reports ‘Bushiri sneaks into and out of South Africa’ are fake news – Officials

Africa-PressMalawi. South Africa Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has told off City Press newspaper for peddling lies against Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. In its Sunday edition, City Press Newspaper—using an unidentified informant—alleges that Bushiri has been travelling to South Africa regularly since he left the rainbow nation last year.

In the response to the story, Motsoaledi said the border movement control system would been able to detect Bushiri if he came through the border. “We have tagged all the passports and whenever he would enter any port, it would flagged by the system. Whether he uses an airport or seaport, as soon as the passport is scanned, it would send out an alert of a wanted a person,” he said.

Asked for a comment, Bushiri said he knows the people behind the stories and he knows their entire syndicate. “I am also aware of those crooked and corrupt police officers that [City Press Journalists] work with. I denied giving them money and they promised to make my life a living hell” he said.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page, Prophet Bushiri revealed that he will share with the judges presiding over his case compelling evidence against the said journalist.

“You arrested me and tarnished my name. You are still doing it now and you know – your days are numbered. My silence does not in any way indicate ignorance.

“It is very unfortunate that you have decided to call me guilty even before I have been given the legal opportunity to prove my innocence. This is why you keep pushing your media propaganda forward. But your presumptions will always prove to be what they are- presumptions and baseless in nature.

“I have safely kept away all the evidence against your corrupt journalists and police officers which I will present in court. I will expose you trust me on that one.

“You can misrepresent facts on social media and make it appear as though you are at an advantage with your propaganda, but trust me, the law in Malawi does not use media. They use evidence and facts!” he said. He has since assured them that he will see them soon on the other side of the law!


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