Schools closed in Malawi over Coronavirus

Schools closed in Malawi over Coronavirus
Schools closed in Malawi over Coronavirus

Africa-PressMalawi. President Lazarus Chakwera has ordered the closure of all schools in the country for three weeks as Coronavirus cases continue to rise in the country with over 5,000 cases recorded this month.

Chakwera has announced the closure of all schools in a statement delivered from Kamuzu Palace today.

The Malawi leader, however, said students in boarding schools will remain in their campuses to allow health authorities to ascertain whether it is safe for the students to go home.

Chakwera also revealed that the Ministry of Justice will gazette new guidelines recommended by a ministerial committee.

They include the directive that all drinking places should be closing at 8PM and bar owners should not allow people to consume beer on the premises.

Religious gatherings and all gatherings will now be limited to 50 persons, markets will be closing at 5PM, people found in public without face mask will be fined and no person will be allowed to wander around socially between 9PM and 5AM.

Chakwera then warned that Malawians must accept that Coronavirus is here and will be here for some time.

“Those of you talking about this virus like it is far away or like it will magically disappear must stop,” said Chakwera.

He urged people to follow preventive measures in order to defeat the virus, saying government measures will not contain the virus if people are not adhering to the measures.

Malawi also closed schools from March to September last year but there were concerns over disruption of academic calendar and a rise in child sexual abuse.

The country has registered over 11,500 Coronavirus cases and more than 300 deaths.


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