Tay Grin’s partner Mutale Mwanza temporarily loses eyesight

Tay Grin’s partner Mutale Mwanza temporarily loses eyesight
Tay Grin’s partner Mutale Mwanza temporarily loses eyesight

Africa-Press – Malawi. Zambian socialite Mutale Mwanza has severe sores inside her left eye which are causing discomfort, pain, swelling, and a temporary loss of eyesight. This is according to a statement by Mwanza’s management team signed by Kelcy Holcomb.

It says doctors are monitoring the social media and television personality’s health. “Medical professionals have advised Ms Mwanza to abstain from using her cellphone, laptop, television, or any devices that may expose her eyes to excessive light,” the statement says.

Holcomb said the health setback follows Mwanza’s previous struggles with migraines, attributed to her intense work schedule and dedicated work ethic. While noting that Mwanza is a public figure who is loved and that recent reports about her health have caused panic and concern from her friends, supporters and family members, the management has asked privacy for Miss Mwanza during this challenging time.

Mwanza through her management has, however, urged people to remember her in their prayers. In recent months, Mwanza and Tay Grin have appeared to be dating as they have been on romantic gateaways in Malawi and Zambia.

On Thursday, amid rumors that Mwanza was sick Tay Grin posted on Facebook: ” Wishing you a restful night, my Queen. Sweet dreams and a swift recovery.”

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