Alliance Morisien To Hold May 1st Meeting In Vacoas

Alliance Morisien To Hold May 1st Meeting In Vacoas
Alliance Morisien To Hold May 1st Meeting In Vacoas

Africa-Press – Mauritius. The Minister of Energy held a press conference with Maneesh Gobin and Tulsiraj Benydin at the Sun Trust yesterday. According to Joe Lesjongard, the May 1st gathering of the government alliance will be symbolic and of great importance. It will be held in Vacoas. The Morisian Alliance’s slogan for the occasion is “Pli For Ensam”. The MSM President said that the Prime Minister had recognized the contribution of all the country’s workers. That’s why the government has done so much for workers. Joe Lesjongard also commented on the break-up of the PTr-MMM-PMSD alliance. “It was predictable,” he declared.

“Nou lafoul pou mons”, he assured.

Joe Lesjongard maintained that the crowds in Vacoas would be huge.

In view of the forthcoming legislative elections, he stressed that it would be a “symbolic and really important May 1st”, in addition to Workers’ Day. He said he was “fully satisfied with the organizations” of the Parti du Soleil.

Joe Lesjongard mentioned the confidence people had in the leadership of the MSM regime. In this respect, he believes that the decision taken by the people is obvious.

Pli for Ensam” is the slogan chosen by the MSM for this year’s May 1st rally.

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