Ask the Mechanic: How can I choose the best insurance for my car?

Ask the Mechanic: How can I choose the best insurance for my car?
Ask the Mechanic: How can I choose the best insurance for my car?

Africa-Press – Mauritius. Please briefly talk me through choosing the best car insurance for my car. Is insurance necessary? Gorreti. Hello Gorreti, when you set out to choose the best car insurance for your car, your key considerations should include the amount of risk or liability covered as well as options offered by the particular coverage.

The amount of money you must pay for the insurance policy to be effected and the amount of money or premium you have to pay monthly or annually to keep your insurance policy valid are also important considerations.

The premium will be determined by risk and coverage. It is important to consider the reputation of the insurance company, particularly their market capitalisation, financial strength and stability, net premiums written in a year and pay out turnaround time.

It is useful to consider the reputation of an insurance company because the car insurance policy should provide financial protection in case of an accident, fire, damage or theft. Referrals and reviews from other customers can help build confidence or trust in a particular insurance firm.

A reputable insurance brokerage would be useful to work with because it is their business to know which insurance company has a good reputation and the mechanics of choosing the right policy cover for your needs.

Consider quotes from three insurance companies to compare the coverage and premium. The value of your vehicle, its purpose and your driving habits or lifestyle will influence the coverage and premium.

While third party insurance is legally mandatory, the more useful comprehensive insurance policy is optional. It is advisable to have comprehensive cover to protect your investment in the car, yourself, your passengers and other road users.

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