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Variants of COVID-19 breaking out in African countries
Variants of COVID-19 breaking out in African countries

Following a contact tracing exercise, which is still ongoing, 168 persons have been quarantined, comprising employees of the Waste Water Management Authority from the Caudan office as well as members of their families.

The Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Kailesh Kumar Singh Jagutpal, made this announcement, this afternoon, at a press briefing of the National Communication Committee on the COVID-19, at the New Treasury Building in Port-Louis.

He recalled since one staff of the Waste Water Management Authority Office from the Caudan office was tested positive, some 180 PCR tests have been carried out at the same office, following which 11 positive cases were detected yesterday evening.

These 11 positive cases, underlined the Minister, involve persons living in different regions of the island as follows: three persons from Bon Accueil; one from Batterie Cassée, Roche Bois; one from Khoyratty; one from Pointe Aux Sables; one at Grand Bois; one at La Flora; one at Quartier Militaire; one at Belle Mare; one at St Julien d’Hotman; one at Forest Side; and one at Quatre Bornes.

Furthermore, Dr Jagutpal stressed that 736 PCR test results have been obtained today, revealing two new positive cases. One of them has been identified in the COVID-19 Testing Centre of Dr Bruno Cheong Hospital, and the person is an employee of the Waste Water Management Authority. The second positive case, a person living in Vallée-Pitot, has been detected at the Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital.

In addition, Minister Jagutpal reassured that results are negative for all 245 PCR tests carried out at Dreamton Park (Block A) in Quatre Bornes. He added that, according to information gathered by relevant authorities, there is no need for persons at Dreamton Park to self-isolate.

Observing sanitary and precautionary measures, cautioned Dr Jagutpal, is of paramount importance so as to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. He also encouraged the population to get inoculated, as the vaccination campaign is still ongoing.

Moreover, in view of offering better health services to the inhabitants of Vallée-Pitot, emphasised the Minister, the Community Health Centre of the locality will still be open to the public as follows: from Monday to Saturday from 08 00 hrs to 16 00 hrs; and on Sunday from 08 00 hrs to 12 00 hrs.


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