Diplomatic Corps Inoculated Second Dose of Vaccine Against the Covid-19


The second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine was administered, this morning, to members of the diplomatic corps based in Mauritius, Honorary Consuls/Honorary Consuls General, as well as the diplomatic staff of Foreign Missions, during a vaccination session in Port-Louis. This initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade, is being held at the Sir Harilal Vaghjee Memorial Hall.

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Representative, Dr Laurent Musango, the British High Commissioner to Mauritius, Mr Keith Allan, and the United Nations (UN) Resident Coordinator in Mauritius and Seychelles, Mrs Christine N. Umutoni, were among the ones to get inoculated their second dose of vaccine today.

In a statement, Dr Musango encouraged everyone to get vaccinated to protect their own health, that of their family and the population at large. He emphasised that vaccines are proving to be an efficient measure to control the spread of the coronavirus across the world.

He further recalled that the objective of the vaccination is to ensure the security of the population against the virus, limit its progress and, decrease the severity of the problems related to the virus.

The WHO Representative appealed to the population to respect sanitary protocols put in place by the WHO and the Government of Mauritius such as wearing of masks and social distancing in order to curb the propagation of the COVID-19 in the country. He expressed the wish for Mauritius to recover faster and grow its economy again.

For his part, Mr Allan stated that he is delighted to have had his second dose of vaccination. He emphasised the importance of getting vaccinated as there are numerous advantages for being vaccinated than when one is not.

The High Commissioner underlined that it is essential to complete both doses of vaccines to be protected against the virus and called for the population to encourage their family and friends to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

As for Mrs Umutoni, she appealed to the population to take vaccination seriously and remember that the struggle against the COVID-19 is not over. She urged the population to take personal as well as community responsibility to accompany the efforts of the Government to help the country recover from the COVID-19. ‘We still have to observe the sanitary protocols so as to prepare the country for re-opening and economic recovery’, she concluded.

She also recalled that Mauritius is second on the list of countries in Africa that have vaccinated more people. On this score, she lauded the initiative of the Mauritian Government for the setting up of the national vaccination campaign against the COVID-19 for all its citizens.


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